HQ photoS: True Blood Episode 7.07 “May Be The Last Time”

Below is a new high quality photo from the current episode of True Blood of Bill Compton with Dr. Ludwig which just aired tonight on HBO, True Blood episode 7.07 “May Be The Last Time.”



photogallery50x50 See all the HQ Bill photos in our True Blood Season 7 Bill Compton photo gallery here.


source: HBO.com
photo credit: John P. Johnson/HBO


  1. Great to see the Dr. and fairy godfather but there really wasn’t much told tonight, 75% of the show seemed not worthy of  the 4th last episode of the show ( sorry about being picky BITCHY)

  2. Love Bill. I have been waiting 3 years for him and Sookie to get back together. Please live through the end . I will quit watching if they kill you off.

  3. Bill and Sookie reunited their love at last…love see Bill and Sookie, happy ending ;-) Somehow I got the feeling and possibility that TB spin off into “New Blood”…but Eric have to kill Sarah “New Me” or somehow got the cures from her…I can see Eric and Pam going to Japan and Eric become spokesman for the “New Blood” company in Japan. Overall, another great episode and great ending…love it!!!

  4. This fucking lady was the shit! I loved her ride with the rock music blaring!
    AllStephenMoyer you did pretty good for a stage 3 Hep V vamp! Xo

  5. Well Audrey, there are only 3 more episodes of the show and it is over forever so maybe you could force yourself to watch it for three more Sundays. LOL.

  6. I laughed my butt off hearing the music then the huge hummer pull up and it was her she was absolutely funny as hell tonight and so glad sookie and bill doing good and I must say hoyt looked great as well

  7. Thanks for the picture … for all the pictures.  So good to see no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is Dr. Ludwig back again.  Too bad the mere mention of Niall scared her off.

  8. looks like we know who the writers favor and who they dont! and it isnt stephen and anna that they favor!!! and they better not have violet kill jessica either!!

  9. my favorite part was when arlene was dreaming and asked if it felt wrong shaking her head no but said yes…

  10. if the writers favorite wasn’t Bill or sookie then why would they put Bill and sookie back together Bill n sookie is the writers favorite n mine also.I think that violet will be killed .I hate violet

  11. I haven’t read through all the comments on here yet, but did anyone catch the part where Hoyt introduced his girlfriend and she’s a microbiologist? That has got to mean something! Right? There has got to be a cure! :'(

  12. I’m glad they brought this doctor back…Since she did work with Sookie back in season 2, she’s become the doctor that everyone can call on.

  13. The song playing when the show ended broke my heart!U0001f494 ” This will be the last time” I know it was for Bill and Sookie!

  14. I pray he is because I don’t want the show to end with all the main people dead. Lafayette is digging for something, the song playing at the end with Bill and Sookie… This will be the last time… I took as meaning he or they are going to die. Unless her blood tainted with that can somehow cure him maybe her great grandfather did something to her? Or they will get back with the cure fast. All possible, I doubt though only 3 shows left.

  15. i got really pissed when she left bill.without helping him.just because of her knowing sookies grand father.it wasnt like he was gonna eat her lol.SAVE BILL.

  16. If they kill Bill off, we won’t have to worry about not watching it any more, cause only three more left. Will miss the show for sure.

  17. I have no idea how they plan on leaving us all happy in just 3 episodes! !!!! I want Bill and Sookie to live happily ever after, and Lafayette and aunty Mae to find peace with Tara and Eric and Pam to be ok too. Seems like a lot to cover in just 3 episodes. Lets not forget Fairy Adeline and Jasons bondage ex vampire lover

  18. Porque não passa tudo no dia só o final? agente tem que esperar até o outro domingo pra passar um pedacinho só dessa episódio???

  19. Sookie said to Bill she will be with him for ever…her promised. If Bill die, then Sookie would die to…Promise is a Promise! Therefore, I truly believe that Bill will survive!!!

  20. Ooooh across a scary graveyard..let’s go…wait you’re related to who…I’m so fucking out off here. Comical

  21. I think so, too, Angie! I can’t see the writers letting all the fans down after all these years of faithful watching — I think all will end well. And if not — well — I won’t buy the video for this season. LOL I’ll just pretend it ended at the close of Season 6 with the H-Vamps closing in.

  22. I want all that PLUS I want Arlene and Keith to get together for good. Arlene deserves a great guy who is not a serial killer or a potential suicide.

  23. i just want to know what it meant when Niall and Sookie went into Bill’s past. Why did he say he couldn’t do anything for Bill. Were they inside of his head when he was dreaming? i didn’t know fairies could do that to a vampire

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