HQ Photos from True Blood’s Episode 5 “F**k the Pain Away”

Tonight’s 5th episode of True Blood Season 6 was action packed tonight and below are some high quality Stephen Moyer photos as Bill Compton taken by John P. Johnson of HBO.

Stephen Moyer as Bill in True Blood Season 6 Episode 5

Stephen Moyer and Rob Kazinsky in True Blood Season 6, episode 5


  1. LOVED IT!!!!!!!! It just keeps getting better and better!!!!!! Only one thing about last nights episode that made me kinda be like *WTF* wasJessica trying to get all intimate with Bill.. I was like : -0. High or not… thats ur father.. back up!! They definately got their shock value for the evening! Didnt see Bill as much as I would have but still awesome and he is still as gorgeous as ever: ) thanks for the photos

  2. WONDERFUL PHOTOS! excellent episode for me! Love the non-stop action too, it just kept getting better and better! 
    Oh My Bill! What a large syringe and needle you have! LOL! Ben is surely in trouble now, his maker can command him; LOVED THAT BEST! 
    Watched this episode three times now and still not over how great it was!

    1. booboobear 
      Bill looks hot in that henley, but it’s not fair that we get to see Ben’s chest and abs but not Bill’s.  Where is naked Bill?

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