Photos from the Stephen Moyer’s 25 Things Article

USMag-25thingsLast week we posted the article from US Magazine: Stephen Moyer – 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me.

Now we have larger versions of the images in the article. We’ve also got our own copy of the Magazine with our own scan of the article (click on the left to see the article full size).  These photos will be added to our extensive Stephen Moyer Biography section. 

I’ve always wanted to see a photo of that famous houseboat and here it is.  Steve is seem here with his trusty dog Splash who’s name was changed from Flash to Splash because,as mentioned by Steve in the article, he fell in the river all the time.


Little choirboy. We knew that Steve sang in the choir as a child, and now here’s the proof.


And how about really small Steve who got into mischief with his sister, Amanda.  He’s so cute!


source: US Magazine


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