Outtake photo of Stephen Moyer from 2011 Men’s Health Magazine Shoot

Two days ago, James White, the photographer of Stephen Moyer’s photo shoot from 2011 Men’s Health Magazine posted on his official instagram account an outake of Stephen from that photo shoot.

When posting the photo he wrote: jameswhitefoto – Since I posted @annapaquin yesterday couldn’t resist posting one of @stephenmoyer as well. #annapaquin #stephenmoyer #trueblood #hbo #sookie#billcompton @truebloodhbo @truebloodlove @hbo

We’re not sure why this one didn’t make it into the magazine, since we think it’s, uh, pretty good!  However,  we’re glad it’s out now, though. Thanks to James for sharing this gem and check out his other photo work at his site: artmixcreative.com

outtake photo

source: instagram.com


  1. oh my gosh! i have that magazine and now i have an extra photo too! saw this on Facebook and nearly fell over! out of my chair onto the floor! saved it from there!

    that man’s photo without a shirt on is probably illegal in several states! whew!

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