Photo Gallery updated with additional photos from Quills

We have just added additional photos from another one of Stephen’s films, Quills, to the photo gallery.

This film is another Billsbabe favorite, especially the famous “O” scene.  Stephen looks great in this film since he wears period clothing so well. Quills was released in 2000 and Stephen played Prouix, the Architect, who dallies with the doctor’s wife.  Once again a great performance in a supporting role, which we all loved.


Please visit our page in the Movie & TV Projects section devoted to this film.

And also look for the additional 18 photos now in the Quills photo gallery by clicking on the buttonbelow.

Thanks to Billsbabe, Melian for these additional photos.


  1. Oooh, those sideburns are even better than his Bill sideburns! I put this on my movie rental list… looking forward to seeing it!

  2. I loved him in Quills. I may have to watch it again. I enjoy seeing him in period costumes. He looks wonderful in any time era . I have a list of wardrobe period pieces I want to see him in and out of. Can’t help it I am woman in love and lust. ♥

  3. On the “Quills” DVD, there’s a featurette where Steve makes several comments; very interesting to get his take on the film and that period in history.

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