1. Suki gave him Hep v she got into a confrontation with someone that was happy the affected she didn’t know when she let bill suck on her she had it she is a fairy from a long line of fairies her great great grandfather could have stopped it but he did not like Bill bill with suki

  2. I hope somehow Sookie can safe Bill since she is a fairly, Bill need to get well and fast. There is no one else beside Sookie that can safe Bill, not even her grandfather. Maybe just maybe Sarah “New me” can safe Bill since she have the cure – if she live long enough before Eric get her :-) So sad seeing Bill Hep-V infection spreading allover and way too fast…don’t want Bill to die!!! :-(

  3. If Bill dies I will go berserk…He’s been my favorite since True Blood started and I want him and Sookie together…If Eric kills Sarah I hope he turns into vampire goop but not Bill please!

  4. I wonder if Sookie somehow found out about Jessica being in danger going to save Adilyn, and is now telling Bill…

  5. Calm down everyone… Bill will be fine. Although I truly believe Sookie and Bill ultimately do not belong together.

  6. I can’t believe the blind people out there can’t see bill and sookies chemistry .. I’m rooting for them I haven’t seen onscreen passion like that ever..

  7. Suki is the appropriate spelling it’s the name in the south your cell phone names to spell it but her name its spelt one way just like many other words and the American English language

  8. Whoever wrote this got it wrong that is not how you spell suki. The name has silent vowels consonants because a e I o u sometimes y make double sounds like office people say the E it’s not office office. Office don’t say the e

  9. if Eric doesn’t do something stupid like kill the cure just maybe they can save Bill!!! However we know Eric when he sets his mind to something he can be hard to persuade not to do it and he really wants her dead!!!!!

  10. I saw an episode of a British Mystery TV program on our local PBS Channel tonight. I’m not sure about the exact program title-I think it was called “Midsummer’s Eve Murders”. It was made in 1998 and Stephen Moyer played a central character in the episode. He looked just like the Bill Compton in the flashback episodes, on True Blood, of when he is a young man and first meets his wife-to-be Caroline.

  11. Who really cares what the stupid spelling is. People have different ways to spell a ton of names. It’s a fictional character for Christ sakes. And the Author CHARLAINE HARRIS wrote it.

  12. it looks like Sookie is giving Bill some kind of “news” or something. prob that Jessica is captured by Violet.
    i love Jess, hope she is able to save Adeline and Wade.

    ….close now. almost time!

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