The Parting Glass: “Beautiful And Undeniably Moving”

Below is an excerpt from The Edinburgh Reporter’s review of CASM Films “The Parting Glass.”  They find the film “beautiful and undeniably moving.”

O’Hare’s script is rooted in truth – he lost his own sister to suicide in 2010 – and the family interactions in response to Colleen’s death are authentic. From personal experience, I know that in times of pain and grief there can also be moments of humor, absurdity, and pettiness. In another director’s hands this could have turned to melodrama but Stephen Moyer, in his feature film debut, extracts the best from his cast and keeps an edge to the script which prevents it tipping into farce.

The film is beautiful and undeniably moving – the scene where Tommy picks up Colleen’s scarf and buries his face into the fabric to catch her scent broke my heart, having done that very same thing with my late mother’s belongings. As the family shares more memories in a hotel after packing Colleen’s possessions into black bags Al pronounces, “When you were with her it was like no time had passed at all.” I felt the very same about the film.

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