Part 2 – Stephen Moyer on what to expect in True Blood Season 6

Stephen Moyer

Stephen MoyerIn part 2 of his interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Stephen Moyer talks about what we can expect from True Blood Season 6 and what it is like directing his wife Anna Paquin. Stephen also talks about the evolution of Bill from Seasons 1 to 5 and whether he thinks Bill will ever get back with Sookie.


  1. A most interesting and insightful interview with Stephen.  I appreciate his describing Bill’s journey through the seasons, his words about working with Anna, his thoughts on Bill and Sookie ultimately getting together.  I hope he gets his wish to direct episodes of Modern Family and/or Breaking Bad.

  2. I love the descriptive comparisons he made also, they were spot on and it’s good to hear his thoughts on this season’s coming episodes. I did not know that Anna P. had a photographic memory. She’s been a star for so long, I bet it’s from many, many hours of practice memorizing lines. But if she knows the other actors lines too, well…that’s a partner on the filming set that cannot be beat!
    Great interview! Absolutely fantastic looking in those glasses, too!

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