Paintings from Killing Jesus website

At the new website for Stephen Moyer’s upcoming mini-series, Killing Jesus the story of Jesus is told in Killing Jesus paintings. Below are some screenshots from the events in the story that includes Stephen in his role as Pontius Pilate.

Paintings Killing Jesus


Learn by immercing yourself in storybook. Explore 8 chapters from 3 perspectives learn more about the film and it’s story and hear Stephen in his part of Pontius Pilate rule on the fate of Jesus here:

Also, a new billboard is already on Hollywood Boulevard for the mini-series which premieres on March 29.


  1. I really like how the website has been set up.  I got into the first few chapters, and will return again.  Thanks for the pictures of Stephen as Pilate, and for providing this link.

  2. How interesting!  Those paintings are awesome.  Really great likeness of Stephen.  Wow, Pilate was recalled to Rome for excessive cruelty!  Stephen has certainly played some bad guys.

  3. I want to watch this but I just found out today that this channel you have to have internet to hook up I use Mobil so sick

  4. The paintings are beautiful   The site is brilliant.  Loved hearing Stephen speak as Pilate.  Very much looking forward to Killing Jesus.

  5. I notice that Kelsey Grammer is going to be on Letterman tomorrow night.  Wonder if he will be talking about Killing Jesus?

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