Do an online The Bastard Executioner Jigsaw puzzle

During our by-week when there will be no Stephen Moyer on The Bastard Executioner why not spend your free time doing a great online jigsaw puzzle.

TBXperts has created a bunch of great puzzles for the show and they’re really fun to do. Of course, I did this one of Milus. Although it only has 99 pieces, it was difficult to do because the image didn’t have a lot of contrasting colors or shapes. Now, just to add that final piece…  

Screenshot 2015-10-24 17.53.25

If you really want a challenge, you might want to do the one of Castle Ventris which has 300 pieces. There’s also other ones of Milus that I’m going to try next!

Solving TBX puzzles should keep you busy during the bi-week of TBX and while you are watching the World Series. Find lots of TBX Jigsaw puzzles by going to: TBXperts at

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