Official version of True Blood poster recently seen in NYC Subway

Over the weekend a fan found a rather “speculative” photo of what we thought was a True Blood Season 7 poster in the New York Subway. Now, we know that it really is an official poster becuase it was just posted on the True Blood Facebook page and they’ve made it their cover photo. It shows Sookie and the tag line is “True To The End.” Is Sookie crying Blood tears? We think not, but  we do think that HBO wants us to think that. What do you think?

See it below:


and here’s the cover photo they are using on Facebook:



  1. Is Sooki turned? Omg I’m so excited and Jennifer Samuelson hurry and catch up or u will kick yourself, why does it have to end. Jeez. Easyenders has been going 20 odd years and it’s crap. We all want more True Blood

  2. Melody Fulton Willard do you think they’ll change her?? They haven’t stuck to the books with anything else really.

  3. that would be awesome!!! That may be the only way to save her or something… Memory Fulton-Thornton!!!

  4. I did think it official.  Glad it’s been confirmed.  The blood tears … who knows what they portend.  HBO likes to mess with us.  The lead actress was turned in both Twilight and The Vampire Diaries.  I’d like to see TB take another tack.

  5. I can’t wait, I spent All day yesterday re- watching season 6…I am more than ready, but sad that It’s the last season

  6. The ‘tear’ is a normal tear as it leaves her eye then it becomes blood further down her face … I don’t think its necessarily meant in a True Blood literal tear way personally.

  7. Im gonna cry all through Season 7.  You guys really made us care about your characters.  And kudos to the writers, and how they evolved every characters story throughout the seasons.

  8. I think it’s a reflection of the original Bill and Sookie poster but instead of bite marks on her neck this time it’s a tear from Bill’s eye (unfortunately).

  9. im so sad that its ending…and if she ends up a vamp that will be alot better than how she turned out in the book cause the last book ending sucked

  10. What a ride this show has been! Last season will be hard but I am sure it will be Fangtastic!

    Hopefully this is the first of more posters to come.

  11. As it is the end of TRUEBLOOD, let it come full circle.  It began with the love of SOOKIE and BILL, human and vampire.  Let it end with the greatest love of all time.  What greater way is there to love someone than to spend all eternity with them.  Let BILL turn SOOKIE.  That is what I see in the poster.

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