Shots Fired’s Officer Breeland has a first name

Officer Breeland

Last night on Twitter the Stephen Moyer fans were happily tweeting about finally getting to see him in uniform in the role of Officer Breeland in the upcoming 2017 midseason event series, Fox’s Shots Fired after Fox had released the show’s first video trailer.

However, there was some question as to Officer Breeland’s first name. All the information we’d received up to this point simply listed Steve’s character as “Officer Breeland,” with no first name indicated. However, soon we heard that his first name was to be none other than “Eric” via @11111Rhonda.  She had seen the name listed in the press release from FOX for the show’s first trailer here. Below is a screenshot from the article.

Screenshot 2016-05-17 10.13.09

See @11111Rhonda’s tweet below:

Screenshot 2016-05-17 09.22.38

When we at @allstephemoyer received that tweet, we agreed how ironic it would be, but our immediate thoughts were of how Bill Compton would be rolling over in his grave, if it was true, and replied with the tweet below.

Screenshot 2016-05-17 09.37.44

However, shortly thereafter, Stephen Moyer himself, tweeted to us, indicating that Officer Breeland’s first name is definitely not Eric, but instead it is Calvert.  See Steve’s tweet below:

Screenshot 2016-05-17 09.25.30

Thank you Steve for giving us the info; it was great to hear from you.

@11111Rhonda replied:Screenshot 2016-05-17 09.28.38

We agree with Rhonda, that is a good and respectable southern boy’s name! Now, Bill can continue to rest in peace as he remains everlasting in our hearts! 



  1. Calvert works for me. Good to learn Officer Breeland’s real first name. Thanks, Lynn, Rhonda and Stephen for the info. You’re right … Bill Compton can rest easy wherever he may be.

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