News for Stephen Moyer’s new series “Shots Fired”


As news becomes available for Stephen Moyer’s new series, “Shots Fired” we’ll post updates.  Today, a couple of news items we’re published online including casting and shooting news:

Casting News:

Jill Hennessy (Crossing Jordan) is cast in a recurring role on Shots Fired, Fox’s drama series from Gina Prince-Bythewood and Reggie Rock Bythewood that examines the dangerous aftermath of racially charged shootings in a small North Carolina town.

Shooting News:

Shots Fired is currently shooting in North Carolina and it looks like that will continue, but news is out today that Fox and other studios may not continue to shot in the state for future projects:

Fox indicated Wednesday that it would “reconsider” shooting future productions in North Carolina. A+E has ruled out future shoots in the state.

A+E Networks and 21st Century Fox may refrain from filming future projects in North Carolina if the state does not repeal a controversial law that bars local LGBT anti-discrimination ordinances.

The companies have stopped short, however, of withdrawing current projects from the state. Principal photography on “Shots Fired,” a drama series for Fox Broadcasting produced by 20th Century Fox Television, began yesterday in Charlotte, with production expected to continue through July. Production in the state is also already under way on “Six,” a History miniseries about the U.S. Marines who killed Osama bin Laden, produced by A+E Studios and the Weinstein Company. There are no plans to relocate either project.

Fox indicated Wednesday that it would “reconsider” shooting future productions in North Carolina. A+E has ruled out future shoots in the state.

Twenty-first Century Fox responded to a question about “Shots Fired” with a statement:

“On behalf of our creative partners and colleagues who made commitments to shoot in North Carolina prior to this bill being signed, we join the growing coalition of businesses that hope to see this act repealed. In addition, we will reconsider future filming commitments in North Carolina if the Act is not repealed.”

The MPAA last week expressed opposition to the anti-LGBT legislation, shortly after it was signed into law by the state’s Republican Gov. Pat McCrory. Filmmaker Rob Reiner also last week said that he would not shoot any future projects in the state unless the law was repealed.

Following pressure from the entertainment industries and other businesses, Georgia’s governor this week announced that he would veto a religious-freedom bill that would allow businesses to refuse to serve customers based on sexual orientation.

We’re glad to see that both A&E and Fox are taking a stand against this controversial law.


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  1. I’m sorry it’s too late to change the location of the series, but perhaps North Carolina lawmakers will repeal the controversial law, given the amount of bad publicity they’ve received and the commitment of many businesses and studios to no longer do business there. I’m sure the views of the lawmakers who passed the law do not reflect the views of all North Carolina citizens.

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