Videos of New York Comic Con: The Gifted’s Morning

New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con

Below are a bunch of videos chronicling some of The Gifted’s adventures at Comic Con which we found on  The whole cast is at Comic Con this morning and they have been posing for photos a posting videos.  It’s great to see them all together, but especially to see Stephen Moyer there too!

This first video was shot by the man himself, Stephen Moyer as he was leaving for NYC, sadly without Dave and Banjo as they are being delivered to the Boarding kennels!

This next one is of the Cast travelling to the Con in their bus:

See the cast unleash their powers

The next is of them at the autograph signing for The Gifted:

The autograph signing:

Thanks to @Moyachirps, @TheGifted_TV,  and @ThomasWerstein for finding these videos

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  1. Fun stuff. Thanks to all the providers. I’m sorry Dave and Banjo had to go to a boarding kennel; hopefully, it won’t be for long.

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