New Video and Photos for True Blood Season 7, Episode 3

e3bilvidNew Bill Compton centric video preview and three photos for True Blood Season 7, Episode 3, “Fire In the Hole”

In the video below, we see Bill and Sookie driving together and Bill tells her she will need his blood or he won’t be able to help her.

And below are three new photos from the episode:

Photo credit: Tony Rivetti/HBO and James P. Johnson/HBO


  1. Thanks for the video and the pictures.  I loved Bill’s intense reaction
    to Sookie’s taking his blood and her terse comment “I have a boy

  2. Love how it just comes so natural for Sookie to take his blood lol. Her & Bill have to end up back together, they just seem to mesh so well.

  3. Lol…who cares she have a boyfriend, won’t last. Bill and Sookie need to reunite their love!!! Such a lovely couple, off screen and on screen…true love

  4. I guess we have to settle with they are a couple in real life – but it sure would settle me for this show to end the way I want it

  5. Hell yes! I know…why do their teeth have to make so much noise, bit of a give away you’re a vamp! I have a boyfriend??!!

  6. Yes, I too wonder what the plan is and I also LOVED the harsh intake of breath that Bill took when Sookie started sucking his wrist. I don’t care about the “funny” comment she made: “I have a boyfriend” since I don’t think that will last much longer. 

    Bill loves her still, and he was obviously excited at her taking his blood. Hopefully the “plan” is not too dangerous. at least he will feel her now and be able to zip to her when she’s in danger.

    the still photos are great. Sookie sitting alone on the ground looks like she might be at Gran’s grave….asking for advice. which is normal for her.

    Thanks a bunch for these. every time you post something it’s getting more and more exciting!

  7. Im loving sookie and Bill scenes they belong together I hope eric n that japaniese samari swords both work together n find sarah n kill her off with her head

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