New video by Lou – Bill & Sookie – ‘Love Hate Sex Pain’

The great talents of ThelLou continue with, yet again another great video to the music of Love Hate Sex Pain. This one is for Bill and Sookie, her usual topic, but while it shows their love it represents a bit more of the “edgier side”, and we like it.

Music by Godsmack, clips from HBO. No copyright infringement intended!

Thanks to ThelLou for creating and sharing it with us. It will be added to her section here at


  1. Fantastic vid, Lou. Sparks fly when these two are together … all kinds of delicious sparks. You’ve matched the clips with the perfect song. Brava!!!

  2. Thanks so much everyone! Y’all know this vid was inspired by the end of 3×8 (hmmm, wonder what that was). It just took forever to find the right song, and I think I found it.

    I checked my computer history, and I started this vid on Oct 24 2010 and just posted it this past weekend. Um, I may not be a speedy vidder at all times, but I eventually finish ’em! ;)

  3. That was awesome Lou! A perfect song to go with the different facets of Bill & Sookie’s relationship! :-) Glad you finally got around to finishing it, it was worth the wait!

  4. Lou – another fang-tastic video!
    It is so perfect as a prologue for season 3.
    Wonderful editing and music – it just works.

    And it was great to see clips from S1 and 2 again.
    I really hope SM and AP get a chance to see it.
    They will really love it!

    Thank you!

  5. Thank you Lou for the great video with such fine editing and song choice that highlights the Bill and Sookies relationship we all love (even with the hate & pain).

  6. This is a powerful video. What talent you have Lou. Your Annie Lennox and Portishead videos are two of my all-time faves .Thank you so much!

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