New True Blood Spoilers for upcoming episodes of Season 7

SPOILERSASMSQUARENew spoilers about Arlene and Keith on the possible fate of Bill, and a new sex scene to be seen in the upcoming episodes for the final season of True Blood from TVLine and TVGuide.

We’re especially concerned about Bill as the season draws to a close. We sure hope he ends up alive when the season is over. What do you think will happen to Bill?

Read the spoilers below.

Question: Any intel about Arlene and Keith from True Blood? They are adorable together and I can’t get enough of them. —Lily

Not everyone will get a happy ending on True Blood, Lily, but I think it’s safe to say that Arlene and Keith will be among the lucky few. Though we’re not going to get another pool table scene, this Sunday’s episode does show the effect Arlene’s relationship with Keith is having on her. (Spoiler Alert: She’s a very happy woman.)

Question: Anything juicy on the remaining episodes of True Blood‘s final season? —Bookworm

“Juicy,” eh, Bookworm? How about one of the most highly anticipated sex scenes in True Blood history finally coming to fruition? Is that “juicy” enough for ya?

Bill can’t die! I know everyone does on True Blood, but please tell me that he takes the cure. — Andrea

With only two episodes to go, there are a lot of narrative threads to tie up, including the issue of Bill’s mortality. I will only say this: At least one original cast member will say goodbye for good this week. In possibly related news, a longstanding love triangle will be resolved and you’ll see one of the show’s weirdest — and funniest — sex scenes between a long-unrequited pair.


  1. I so hope sookie ends up with eric he loves her so much he has allways been alone he deserves to be happy in the end. I dont want bill to die I no he care s alot about sookie but he had happyness before

  2. I think the cure could end in a positive way this beautiful series…otherwise if bill die…well it will be ok also…but sad :(

  3. Nah, Bill won’t take the blood. Sookie will use the last blast of her fairy powers and turn him human. He will have what he always wanted – his humanity back. He AND Sookie will live happily ever after and have babies. I bet the last shot will be Bill peering over Sookie’s shoulder like in his ‘nightmare’ but he will see the face of his baby, instead of darkness.

  4. Sookie said she loved Alcide and loved Eric “in her own way,” but there was something about the first, Bill, being on her blood. That’s why I don’t think she will end up with him. Eric, that is.

  5. For me ever since last episode it`s clear they will take Bill from us and I hate the writers if they do! He always was so sad and felt guilty for so many things, but never realized how often he saved people (don`t forget past seasons) and got himself into danger or trouble for Sookie or others without thinking of himself. He has such a beautiful heart and always wants to be perfect, but nobody can be perfect – and Sookie and Jessica love and need him, he doesn`t know how much lightness he gives! He should have believed what Sookie said to him in episode 8! Love is never easy, and a human is also not able to protect Sookie from pain or catastrophes…! Bill as a vampire is best for Sookie and belongs to her. Why can`t Bill decide to become happy after all this suffering and self-destructive thoughts he always had?????? By the way, we saw Bill already die (or turn) at the end of season 5, I think that was horrible enough and it`s not fair to let him find the true death – it`s wrong! But I`m sure it`s not Sookie and not Eric, who will die, and so the only possibility is Bill, because all the others (Pam, Jess, Jason, Lafayette, Sam…) are not THAT shocking if we lose them, it must be someone who is a main character, but not as popular as Eric. And also the titles of the upcoming episodes “Love is to die” and “Thank you” really indicate the theory that Bill shall represent his “non-selfish” wish to die, just to show that he is not worth to be loved by Sookie,blabla, that is such a crap! Damn, I really want a happy ending – I mean it`s not Game of Thrones, please give us some romantic, positive end!!!

  6. I’m so afraid and can’t help to think after last episode that Bill is going to die. After he refused to drink Sarah blood, but somehow I highly hope that Bill would change his mind…don’t want Bill to die, I love Bill!!!!

  7. I don’t think Bill will die. I think he will take the cure and then leave Bon Temps for good and take Jessica with him. This leaves it open for a movie and/or musical later. I hope at least one of the sex scenes is Eric and Sookie one more time, just like in the books!!!!. I do like the idea of Ginger and Eric! I think perhaps Hoyt leaves for good or goes with Bill and Jessica. Maybe Sam is the one who dies.

  8. Maybe Sam will die !, ,has always loved Sookie , as have Bill! Remember when the vampires with hpv, took Arlene, Nicole,Jane Bodehouse! Sam said they’ve got my baby girl! He mentioned , baby girl,lots of times! So he doesn’t feel the way he should about her ! He had to think about it ! If he does love them, he would want them safe! And wouldn’t haveto think about Iit , sam still loves sookie , he just thinkss he hasn’t got a choice! Spoiler just said long time love triangle! Also ,Sam &Nicole, could die , thus Sookie would raise the baby! Know Nicole, jhas mother , but she &Nicole were attacked? almost died! Everyone will tell him how much, Sookie love him & ect, also, could be ginger &Eric in funny love scenes, .not love scene& triangle, together!I think Wade &Adalen will have baby!

  9. To love is to die ! Sounds like something bill would say ! Or sookie will get turned , like pam did , die or be turned! Or sookie is saying , I will lose you! So to love is to die ! She will do the ultimate sacrifice! !

  10. more spoilers, cos apparently the end cannot come quick enough for some of you. 2 more then NO more. why rush through it?

  11. In the books Sookie ends up with Sam, which I think is the stupidest thing ever. I hope she and Bill end up together!

  12. The most anticipated sex scene won’t be Eric and Sookie since they’ve already been there done that. I think it’s Arlene & Keith OR Eric & Pam! I can’t picture it but it may happen I also think Bill is gonna die! I love Bill but better him than Eric!

  13. My hubby thinks Hoyt remembers everything and has just been messing with Jason and Jessica, and that is where the fight comes in during the next episode.

  14. He will take the cure and he will go on living his life with Sookie in it. He loves her so much to hurt her. He will not do that to her and Jessica.

  15. if they don’t do this then it will be an example of where the fan fiction was better than what the writers came up with

  16. hm..I’m guessing Sam will ‘say goodbye’ but not die..he’ll leave to be with his girlfriend… and I’m guessing bill survives and we see the real life threesome Sookie started to dream about?

  17. I think the long awaited scene will definitely be Eric and Pam! No way bill is going to die. I think it will be Jason or Lafayette. The promos almost hint at Eric and sookie togethwr but it’s always been about bill and sookie.

  18. He doesn’t have a choice. Bill is going to take the blood. Fangirls won’t take no for an answer. Bill is going to drink it and he’s going to like it!

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