Is this a new True Blood Season 7 Poster?

Could this be a poster for the final season season of True Blood? The photo below appears to be a poster for Season 7 and was found hanging in a subway station in New York City.

Could this be the beginning of the big billboards and posters we’ve seen in previous seasons for the show? The poster shows, we think, Sookie in profile and, is Sookie crying because she doesn’t want True Blood to end? And, most importantly, is that “blood” she is crying?  Tell us what you think!





  1. It is Sookie alright, but if she’s becoming a vampire I don’t know. What a sick twist that would be..

  2. I think that would be kinda cool if she became a vamp. Because who would turn her? That would give a nice spin on things.

  3. It’s a beautiful poster.  However, the blood tears make me think she’s been turned.  Honestly, I don’t see that happening to Sookie.

  4. Can’t wait to hear what’s up next for Stephen and Anna. They’re actors you can believe in and they have consistently treated their fans well. Trustworthy and real!

  5. I’m thinking they aren’t going to turn her but it might be from a fight against the Hep-V vampires we all saw at the last season finale. If the books are to be followed at all, we all know who she ends up with.

  6. It would have to be in the middle of the season so we could watch her and I think she would be like Fae vamp last season I think she is some how more Fae now!

  7. Sookie, was sad about because of people dying , her fault she says in clip , I think she is one on the ground in clip ,.she let her self be killed & bill turned her , he couldn’t bare to loose her !, to death ! Or tera turned her !

  8. No frreakin way! You still have to finish the rest before you get to watch season seven though!

  9. I don’t think this is a genuine HBO poster at all. it looks like somebody painted it. look at the bottom edge of the black, it’s dripping black paint…..

    they should have been better at painting a straight line. a poster would have a clean edge.

  10. Just looks like blood drop on her face from all the blood shed going on this season with the vampires invation in the town

  11. She won’t be turned. That would be awful cause ch says in companion guide and website that she won’t. She’s part fairy and that would be so wrong. U don’t think ch will allow ab to do that. This is not twilight so no way. I’m not sure what this pic is showing, to me it doesn’t look like sookie, but I’m sure it’s supposed to be. I don’t know but one thing is really hating that this is last season. It will just as sad as friends ending. I own all the seasons so I can rewatch.

  12. They showed Dexter on his own table, taped down like he was going to die that way. but it was just HBO trying to get you watch the last season. It never happened. I wouldn’t put much into any HBO tease.

  13. booboobear5000 – I think it’s in some kind of case which is the bottom edge you see.  The photo unfortunately, cuts off a lot of the poster, so we’ll just have to wait to be sure.

  14. Or she could be crying tears of blood as a metaphor for a person/vampire that may have just loss…

  15. Looks like sookie but, the tear is clear at her eye then becomes red. …I think it’s symbolic and not that she gets turned

  16. If i must say I love all the TrueBlood books and i’ve loved every single one of them. I even went out and bought the cook book and ordered a lot of the TrueBlood drinks., I’m really upet that the series is gonna end after this coming season. It just truly sucks that Their gonna stop making True Blood I Think it would be awesome if Sookie turned into a vampire. I cant wait for the new season to start.I’m glad its not the same as the books because then you would know everything that’s gonna happen and this way. Everything is new and exciting, and always leaves you wanting more.. Still think we should have a VOTE on rather it should be canceled..

  17. It’s Sookie and I hope she gets turned. CH said she doesn’t want her turned but look how different the series is from the books….. so it’s possible.

  18. If this is indeed a bona fide HBO poster, then I have to say they are really throwing us a curve ball, and I expect they will continue to do that for the next 4 weeks.  This could mean anything.  I see it as symbolic, related to her love for Bill. But perhaps that’s my wishful thinking, LOL!

  19. I think she will be turned into vampire.she can help.fairy vampire are strong right? Like warlow hehe

  20. It’s very very clear around her eye and them streams down into blood, I don’t know I’m very back and fourth with my opinion of if she will get turned. But no she isn’t crying blood tears…

  21. I hope she gets turned. A fairy vamp. She can still love the light and be in it and hopefully be with Eric.

  22. me to doesn,t feel right her ending up with sam to the story line way off course from the book.

  23. Andrew Finley we may get our wish of seeing Sookie with her gapped tooth fangs. Oh sweet lord Jesus.

  24. So then if sookie is turned, would she be a day walker like warlow, and would her blood also allow the other vamps to walk in the sun, like warlows did?

  25. She already is a fang banger.(someone who bangs vamps, is referred to as a fang banger..she may become a “fanger”lol

  26. Sad, sad, sad….but I am also looking forward to a satisfying resolution to my all time favorite show and character Bill Compton and his lady love Sookie Stackhouse.

  27. the light reflection makes the tear look clear at the eye, but she is crying vampire tears. Someone had to turn her to save her life, and she won’t be with either vampire, she will be with Alcide

  28. no, it is reflection off the poster on the wall, and she can’t be under water, her blood tear would be washed off

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