New True Blood cast member loved working with “most wonderful vampire ever!”

Kathleen York is a new cast member for True Blood Season 7. She will play a character named, Madeline Kapnek on the show.

She posted this photo taken with Stephen Moyer on her Twitter account and of course, she was glamoured by Stephen and calls him “the most wonderful vampire ever.”


We know nothing about the character of Madeline Kapnek that she plays, but it will be very interesting to find out when the show airs. Any ideas of your own what her character will be like?



  1. I love the picture.  She’s a cutie and Stephen looks amazing.  I had guessed her character was a “good” vampire on The Vault.  Now I’m not so sure.  I’ll happily await developments.

  2. Perhaps the hot microbiologist? she’s pretty and her hair is gorgeous. 

    just as long as she’s a fan of his, she’s okay in my book! lol.

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