Sighting of Stephen Moyer over the weekend in LA

Sightings of Stephen Moyer are few and far between lately, so it’s great to see him in this pic from last weekend.

Steve was spotted and snapped while out and about in Los Angeles on July 3. It’s good to see he made it back home for the weekend to see the wife and kiddies. And, we’re glad he had a chance to get out and enjoy the weekend sunshine and cool temperatures here in LA.


However, the weekend must have seemed short because we know that he’s already back in North Carolina shooting his upcoming limited series, Shots Fired. We know because he posted the photo below on his Instagram and Facebook accounts earlier today while all plastered up. He captioned the photo saying,

Just a normal morning at work…#ilovemyjob.” 

We wonder what this is all about?  Why would Officer Breeland need such a face mask?  

Stephe MOyer Just a day at work

Naturally, what comes to mind for me is Steve as Bill Compton in Season 1 of True Blood when he went out into the daylight in order to save Sookie and got all crispy. Remember that (see photo below)?


Hmmm, unfortunately, we’ll just have to wait and see what the above plaster represents for Steve’s character until Shots Fired airs in 2017.  Got any predictions? If so, leave them in the comments below.


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