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Stephen Moyer has many interests, he loves dogs, likes photography, loves the behind the scenes aspect of filming, enjoys his family and loves children among many other things. However, this past April this multi-dimensional individual shocked us all when he participated in the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Grand Prix. And, just as we knew he would be, Stephen was the star of the event even though he was forced to pull out of the competition at the last minute.

Now that the infamous car race is over, and we’ve had a chance to review all the information we have about it, we’ve put it all in one place and added it as a special section here on

It was a great thrill to learn about this interest of Stephen’s and we bet that there will be more information to add to this section as we know he will continue to be involved in future racing experiences.

There is a link to it in the navigation bar at the top of the site called, “Racing” but we’ve also provided a link to that section for your convenience, below. We hope you will go there and read what we have compiled about Stephen’s car racing passion as well as re-experience his participation in the race.

To go to this new special section click here: Stephen Moyer’s Passion for Racing

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  1. This is wonderful…so great to relive that heart-stopping weekend again. I appreciate his love for the sport…just so he can do it as safely as possible…but what am I saying, he never does anything “half-assed.”

  2. I left a lengthier post at the Stephen Moyer’s Passion for Racing section.

    I think this is an excellent idea, and a wonderful way to follow and support Stephen in his passion for this sport.

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