New promo for Episode 2 of Fox’s The Gifted titled, “rX”

Out today is an updated video promo for The Gifted’s next episode, episode 2 titled “rX” which will air on Fox Monday, October 9 at 9pm.

The Gifted

Finally, we’ll get to see more of the combative relationship between Reed and Jace, both set on finding Lauren and Andy. The released photo shows what looks like a negotiation, but season 1 trailers for The Gifted show Reed in a prison cell next to Lorna, so he likely won’t have much control over his future (unless his prison placement is part of a plan to get Lorna back to Marcos…).

Watch the extended promo for Episode 2 “rX” below:

The X-Men universe TV show, The Gifted, will place its focus on a family dealing with the awakening of its mutant children’s X-genes. Of course, Marvel is no stranger to mutant families – the X-Men franchise is practically overflowing with them.

Within the X-Men comics, the unexpected twists, turns and revelations about parentage make it near-impossible to keep things straight.

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