New photos and clips from True Blood Season 7, Episode 2 “I Found You”

HBO has just released two new video clips from the upcoming Episode 2 of True Blood Season 7 – “I Found You.” Stephen Moyer as Bill is featured in the second video clip.

Video Clip 1 :


Video Clip 2:


Below are photos from the episode – (sorry, no Bill photos this week):

See HQ versions of these photos in the Vault Photo Gallery.


Photo credits: Tony Rivetti/HBO and  John P. Johnson/HBO


  1. Jason’s pizza “forensics” and Sookie in some serious shit … maybe.  Thanks for providing.  Loved the peeks at episode 2.

  2. Ana is so beautiful! And Stephen is so handsome that I am so so glad that these to is a couple.
    What a cute couple!!!

  3. That was fun. The 2nd clip felt like the old days. I will miss the humor very much. It must be very difficult to write a show with all these characters. I haven’t enjoyed some seasons as much as others but I became a V addict! I am not going to put this show down that ran for 7 seasons. Nothing may ever be able to replace it and I love it.

  4. I like Jason too. Especially when He told his girl that he was sick of not getting any sex. I Loved how he took control.

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