1. this show is Inspiring. you just never know what the future will bring. I Love the thought of what could be. you are all in my heart. I Love how you make it so REAL ! :)

  2. Cant for once a show end happy?they didn’t let Buffy and angel be together now they gotta ruin bill and sookie?

  3. I’m mad!!! U0001f608U0001f608U0001f608I wanted Sookie to be with Bill, now that is happening he wants to die. Nooo!!!!U0001f62dU0001f62dU0001f62dU0001f62d

  4. What the hell vampire Bill the cure is right there bite her. I don’t want to see u die & the Sookie freak out .she kind of gets on my nerves when she cries (sorry ppl) but it is true & we know it haha

  5. I want Bill to live happily ever after! Sookie’s always loved him, it shows. Please! Not some version of a Dexter type ending!

  6. I think its a set up – on the writers part for us to believe that he will die but in the end ‘sookies forgiveness’ – since that seems to now be the theme of the ending of this show (everyone is forgiving someone) will ultimately cure him = making him human….or as u saw in the previews he will die (dumb ass had a chance) and she will fly up in the air and live happy ever after w/eric! just a thought lol

  7. Maybe Sarah is NOT the cure for bill (he doesn’t want to be death again, or a vampire, don’t blame him) maybe if we are patient w/the storyline (as difficult as it has been for us) WE WILL SOON FIND OUT SOOKIE IS THE CURE FOR HIM – in that maybe she will somehow make him human, or he will die the true death….its a toss up at this point

  8. bill cant die.i dont care whos blood he has to drink.even if it is that mean ol bitch.drink her dam blood.we love u william comptan.

  9. I think bills gonna die and Eric and Pam are gonna leave town but he tells sookie if she ever needs him he’ll be there. I hope I’m wrong because i want her to be with bill

  10. Oh….and @ Maxine Thorntenberry…like everyone in Bon Temps and the rest of the free world didn’t get sick of you running your big-ass mouth…and it’s “Fortenberry”…honey

  11. Pienso que Bill ya quiere descanzar pq sus recuerdos lo atormentan y Sookie no ama a ninguno solo tiene la necesidad de tenerlos cerca

  12. porque Bill quieres morir???
    Creo que Sookie no te corresponde de la misma forma en la que tú la amas :/ sin embargo creo que te mereces ser feliz u.u No te mueras…elije vivir !!!

  13. He is still alive in the preview. But he wants Sookie to have children so I don’t know if he will make it.

  14. But she said a few episodes back that she doesn’t want kids. She thought she use to, but doesn’t want to bring them into this kind of world and possibly having the same “abilities” she has and considers to be a curse.

  15. Still pissed from last night episode…much high hope for Bill to get cure. Why doesn’t he drink Sarah blood??? Damn you, Bill :-( Glad that Eric’s got cured and safe from hep-v, but I love to see Bill cured to! Let forget about Bill’s past…let Bill live, Bill cannot die.

  16. Don’t martyr yourself Bill. Take the cure or…become human and live happily ever after with SOOOOKKKKAAAAYYYY!

  17. omg the last episodes the other night was so good, I’m glade it was a little less bloody and had less sex scenes i care for the battles and when the bad guys do something outrages, plus i like when the character are plotting their next idea. I’m glade Erike is okay and healed but what about bill he can’t die I’m gona get angry if he does., i remember buffy and angel, great Vampire show.

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