New Official Synopsis for True Blood Season 6, Episode 6

SPOILERSASMSQUAREHBO has updated the “official” synopsis for this Sunday’s upcoming episode of True Blood Season 6, “Don’t You Feel Me.”

Here’s the synopsis:

With Sookie immune to Bill’s influence after retreating to a plain that can only be accessed by faeries, Bill decides to seek out Lillith for advice on handling the escalating human/vampire crisis. Eric, Pam, Nora, Jason and Jessica get up-close-and-personal looks at the perverse perils of Vamp Camp. Sam comes to a decision he hopes will be in Emma’s bests interest. Andy gives his faerie daughter a name, or two or three or four.  Arlene has a solution to Terry’s malaise. Bill faces off against Burrell, and Eric learns the startling truth about TruBlood’s resumed production plans.

The new synopsis provides some hints about what’s going to happen that we haven’t seen before. It looks like Sookie doesn’t die by her father, uh I mean, Lafayette and Andy’s faery girls might still be alive.  Also, will Bill’s face off with Governor Burrell help the situation and get the vampires freed and will Lillith help?

After reading this, what do you think might happen to Bill in this upcoming episode of True Blood?



  1. Thanks so much for the new info! You are always fast as fast can be with it! I am hoping against hope that all of Andy’s daughters survived and that line is just cryptic as usual. I am also worried about Emma and Sam, the vamps in the camp and I hope the new True Blood is not poisoned! Burrell is really bad! 
    What a twist it would be if all “our vampires” in the camp met the true death!!!! I so hope not!

    1. booboobear 
      I am really looking forward to seeing Bill and Burrell face off, Bill is the smartest vamp right now, so I’m very interested to see how he deals with what Burrell is doing to the vamps, especially because Jessica is in danger, along with the rest of the TB vamps.

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