1. I am always eager to see flashbacks of Bill both as human and vampire.  Whereas I am willing to watch Bill do anything ( recycle,, change his shoelaces, open mail) but I am nervous because I am not sure they aren’t setting us up for heartbreak.  I hope it’s fear talking.. Still looking forward to seeing more of Bill’s past and present.

  2. I’m right there with you, WillKill, but I can’t believe that the show runners would break our hearts again. Bill has got to have a happy ending. It may not turn out the way we Bill fans would have written it, but it’s got to be good.

  3. Willkill4Bill I’m holding out hope that Bill and Sookie will some how, some way, end up together.  Season 1 brought them together in a great love story.  Subsequent seasons pulled them apart for various reasons.  It’s time to return to that love, which is what started it all.  A vampire walked into Merlotte’s and life was never the same afterwards, for Sookie and for the rest of our Bon Temps family.

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