Naughty Billsbabe wins “Bite me Bill” knickers signed by Stephen Moyer

Many of the bricks on the Stephen Moyer Fan Wall have wonderful, touching and funny messages and we are still working on selecting the winners of the prizes signed by Stephen Moyer. But we do already have one winner to announce: The naughtiest message on the wall has been chosen and will be rewarded with the “Bite me Bill” knickers.

Stephen laughed when he saw he had to sign a “Bite me Bill” thong. We couldn’t resist getting that one and the look on his face was priceless! Stephen appreciates a little naughtiness and even wore the thong on his head! When I suggested that we would give the lady’s knickers to the fan who will write the naughtiest message he immediately agreed: “I like that!”.

And the winner of the “Bite me Bill” knickers is……… Shiver !

Congratulations! Watch your mailbox, we will contact you to confirm your address.

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