My Race Day Experience of Meeting Stephen Moyer at the #Mint400 Race

On Saturday, March 10, Stephen Moyer and Goran Visnjic participated in the #400Mint Race in Las Vegas. Stephen Moyer fan, Tiffany who lives in Vegas has graciously shared her Race day experience with us where she got her “once in a lifetime” chance to meet Stephen Moyer for the first time.


I learned that Steve had been entered in The Mint 400 race which is in my hometown of Las Vegas. I decided that it would be a perfect opportunity to try to meet him for the first time.

He was going to be racing in the early morning race and decided that I would start my day off with watching the Mint 400 with hopes of seeing Steve pass by in his dune buggy. However, when I got to the event it seemed almost impossible to be able to meet up for sure unless we made a plan. So I decided that I would take a chance and message him, the only way I know how, through Twitter.

I wrote to him that I was at the race and it would be awesome to meet up and, of course, if we couldn’t that I hoped he had a blast racing. He messaged me back telling me he’d look for me after the race. I got to see him fly past my Spectator Area the only way he knows, FAST!

Just as the race was coming to an end, my phone died, and oh no, I was still waiting to hear back from him. Once I finally got my phone back up, service was non-existent for the most part and I was sure I had missed the chance to meet him since I knew he had to leave.

I texted him and explained that my phone died but I hoped there was another way we could meet. He said he had to fly out at 7 pm that night and that he was staying at The Mirage hotel. I asked if I could come down to meet him there and he said, “absolutely.” So I made my way to the hotel and once I got there I texted and asked where we should meet up. He said, “let’s meet at Starbucks.”

As I waited there for him, I was a little nervous for the simple reason that I was finally getting ready to meet “the man” himself.

When he walked in, it was a total dream come true. I waved rather enthusiastically and he smiled. We said “hello” and we gave each other a hug. Then, he had to get some coffee, hahaha.

Steve gets his cupa!

Once he sat down, he handed me a pair of sunglasses from the race and then we started chatting it up.

He talked about the race and the whole experience he had, which he said had been a total madhouse. He also said that he had tons of Red Bull earlier due to the early start and I commented,  ‘And now here you are getting coffee.’ He said he couldn’t help it, he loved coffee.

He talked about how he had been in second place in the race but then popped his tire when hitting a rock that ended up making their team take last place. However, he said he still had a blast.

We talked about things that involved HBO. We also had a great talk about The Bastard Executioner and why it ended. He said that he was disappointed about it ending because he really loved his character, Milus. However, he predicted the end before it was announced based on how the scripts were being written.

We also discussed The Gifted and what it was like when he was first in Atlanta. He didn’t like it there at first because of the weather, but then after he took a short break away and then, came back and it was cooler and much more tolerable so he ended up enjoying it.

We talked a little bit about The Parting Glass and how proud of it he is but that it’s a hard story to tell. He expressed disappointment that it didn’t get picked up by The Sundance Film Festival, but he was hoping to get it accepted into some of the smaller festivals.

He then wanted to know about me a little bit, which I thought was cool since we had pretty much been talking about him and stuff that was public knowledge.

It was nice hearing about things that were directly from him as opposed to hearing from the news.

He then expressed that he and Anna appreciated all of the support that the fans give to them on a daily basis and that if I needed anything don’t hesitate to ask. Once we finished talking, I had to get another autograph, LOL and a picture of course. He was awesome enough to personalize the autograph and take our selfie together.

Tiffany gets her autograph!

The entire experience was surreal and I wouldn’t change anything about it. And, I’m glad that I didn’t meet him at the race because we would not have been able to sit down and chat with each other there.

So everything worked out, in the end, giving me a lot to help me cherish this moment forever.


See all the photos we’ve collected from this event in the Photo Gallery by clicking on the button below:

We at AllStephenMoyer thank Tiffany for sharing her story with us and are so happy that she finally got to meet Steve in person! Congratulations Tiffany! Look for more coverage of this event to come!


  1. Tiffany, thank you so much. What an experience! Stephen was charming and so gracious … but that’s to be expected. We so appreciate your sharing your Stephen adventure with all of us.

  2. What a perfect ending for a day at the races; you got to meet “the man” and have a real “meet and greet”. So happy for you Tiffany!
    Sorry Steve and his team did not win but the participation I’m sure was rewarding.
    Thank you Lynn and Tiffany for bringing us the exciting Mint400 news.

  3. Tiffany, Thanks so much for giving us this insight into your day at the races and your meeting with Stephen Moyer!
    I met him twice, but both times were with other people, at events, and there wasn’t too much time for chatting. Your meeting was perfect…getting to sit with him and chat for awhile, about his experiences, and yours too.

    Congratulations on making a memory that you will have forever, along with photos, and his personal note to you. Simply wonderful!

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