Moyer/Paquin: the “POWER COUPLE” each with series on best Fall TV list

We think that Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin have to now get the title of “power couple” since they both have TV shows set to air this fall that are expected to be hits!

Over at The Insider, they have posted their rankings of the 25 best TV shows airing this fall.  The Insider rankings are for both returning and new shows. They viewed all the premiere episodes or trailers made available to press and we’re happy to report that Stephen Moyer’s new show, “The Gifted” made their list as does Anna Paquin’s “Alias Grace”! 

The Gifted

The Gifted comes in at #23 on their list and they say the following about the production:

A new addition to Marvel’s TV offerings, “The Gifted” centers on parents, played by “True Blood” star Stephen Moyer and “Angel” alum Amy Acker, who realize that their children have strange powers. With an anti-mutant government, the family seeks haven with an underground group of mutants. We’re willing to give this Marvel show a chance, though they can be hit or miss.

Anna Paquin’s new show “Alias Grace” also made the list with a higher rating of #15:

Anna Paquin in Alias Grace

Like Hulu’s phenomenal “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Alias Grace” is based on a Margaret Atwood novel and will air on Netflix
Based on the true story, “Alias Grace” follows Grace Marks, a poor, Irish immigrant maid who was convicted of double murder along with the stable hand. Sentenced to life in prison, Grace was later exonerated after 30 years in jail.

This is one “power couple” who are very busy continuing their careers while also bringing up a family. And, with the imminent release of their production company’s film, “The Parting Glass” which Steve directs and Anna stars in, there’s no stopping them.

Congratulations to Steve and Anna! We are happy for them both and send our wishes that each show does equally well!

Can’t wait for these series to premiere this fall; I will certainly be watching both!

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