Moyer-Paquin Twin birth announced on ENews

It is official, the twins of Anna and Stephen were born, no birth date or sex of the little bundles of joy have been released. We will learn it all in time, but for now they should enjoy their little ones in private and in peace.

ENews announced the news like this:


The Vault and AllStephenMoyer will be collecting congratulation donations
in honor of the twins’ birth to benefit one of Anna and Stephen’s favorite
organizations: Facing The World.

Everybody who makes a donation to Facing The World through our Justgiving page will have his/her name added to the special congratulations card that we have designed. The card will be sent to Anna and Stephen.

To have your name added to the congratulations card, head over to
Make a donation of any amount with your credit card or Paypal to Facing The World.
The name you leave on Justgiving is the name that will be added to the card.



  2. Thanks, Shad, for providing the video.  The babies are healthy, and mom and dad are well and happy.  That’s all I need to know for now.

  3. Wow!  I was guessing mid-October, so I was way off!    Congratulations!
    Glad to hear all are doing well.  I look forward to hearing the sex, birthdate, names, etc.
    For now, just hoping they have a calm and contented time as they settle in to “family life!”

  4. so glad they are keeping a bit of privacy while they can- they deserve it! just hope they have two happy, healthy babies :)

  5. Woohoo, congrats.
    Just sent my donation. Unfortunately the text I wrote was a little too long for 150 characters, so I had to shorten it, but I didn’t want to send the usual “congrats, blahblahblah”, so I chose a saying about twins. Hope that was ok. :D

  6. My contribution went in late last night.  Once again, congratulations to Stephen and Anna.  So happy to learn that all is well with the babies.  Such a happy time for everyone.

  7. if mr emery was photographed in london on 29th august(simply moyer website)….was he even there when anna gave birth???? and as she had been photographed last alone in l.a. on 27th august (looking fine) that means he sent her home very pregnant alone on very long flight ….not nice!!!! i had to get it off my chest.
    i wish all the best to the babies who are most likely still in hospital building strong lungs and gaining a little weight, be strong babies!

      1. @AllStephenMoyer @cloisa

        A good reminder to us that we don’t know all the details of their lives and it’s really not fair to them to speculate based on a few paparazzi photos. Stephen still has a son in London who needs his dad, even if he has two new babies. It can’t be easy to juggle his priorities, but I’m sure he is doing the best he can and doesn’t need fans to tell him what his priorities should be.

      2. Very harsh to Anna, she should read your theory about priorities….and her second rate babies!!!! —Note from moderator: this comment was flagged as “Offensive” by several readers. The writer is urged to stop this line of commenting or she will be banned from commenting any further on Speculation about the private life of Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer is not allowed on this website.—

      3. @cloisa I’m not sure if you are talking to me or not. If so, I don’t have a theory about his priorities. I don’t know what they are and neither do you.

      4.  @Karenv    @cloisa thank you Karen, very well put. One of the things that we do NOT allow in the comments on is speculation about Anna and Stephen’s private life, so Cloisa, please stop this line of commenting immediately, thank you.

  8. i was surprised to see a photo of Stephen in London as late as the Labor Day weekend.  I’m sure Anna is not one to be “sent” anywhere.  I’m pretty sure she was (a) not alone, and (b) wanted to go home when she did.  I know there was something about Stephen shooting a film in the U.K, this summer, but IDK if that’s why he stayed as long as he did.  Could be he had commitments he could not change.  The babies were early, so no one expected them to be born when they were.  (And no one knows how early they were – could even be a month early.)  I’m with you, cloisa, I sure hope he was home when they arrived!
    I hope we find out their birth date, their sex, their names, etc  sometime soon!

    1. first if i may, i think that the plane trip half way across the world was not necessary this year, a strain for mum and babies. second by alone i mean without a husband. third, whatever the project, mr emery would not have been the first to ask for a delay or refuse a role, considering that these babies may be the only ones they are going to have together, that twins often come early and if very early they may not make it. i know for sure that here in europe they would have been advised to stay put and presented with the life threatening dangers implied by the stress of the trip, the separaton…. all in all it is a question of priority in life. i have not had the chance to have children, there are precious and deserve to be treated accordingly even before they are born. i am an atheist so no god involved, just a painful life i don’t wish to any other (former) kid. i am a biologist with experience in a hospital, know a tiny bit what i am talking about.

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