Movie & TV Project Section Updates for ‘Quills’ and ‘NY-LON’


We’ve just updated our pages in the Movie & TV Project section devoted to Stephen Moyer’s appearance in the film “Quills” and his TV show, “NY-LON.”

We have added videos from each project, see more info below:

Quills: The video includes all of Stephen’s scenes where we see a very young Stephen as the Architect in his now famous “O” scene. See the update by going to Movie & TV Projects page for Quills

updated pages - QUILLS

NY-LON:  This is one of our favorites which was produced in both London and New York in 2004 and unfortunately, only lasted for seven episodes. We’ve added three episodes from the show in video format. See the update by going to Movie & TV Projects page for NY-LON

Thanks to Moyer_chick360 for the videos.


  1. Thanks so much for the videos! Will save me so much time FF’ing through much of ‘Quills’ for that one scene…you all know the one!

  2. Thanks so much for putting these scenes up! I had never seen Qulls – loved the young Stephen in it!
    NY-LON is maybe my favorite of Stephen’s earlier work. Stephen is just so amazing as Michael. He is totally believable as that character.
    The filming and editing is terrific also – it’s an all-around terrific series, one I can watch over and over. Thanks again, moyer-chick, and Lynn!

  3. Thanks for this guys! Nice being able to see Stephen’s Quills stuff without digging through the movie. A good part of the movie is pretty gruesome and too much for repeated viewings.

    I hope you’ll be getting the entire NyLon series on here so I can just sit down and watch the entire thing over a nice leisurely weekend. I’ve only seen it one time, but I really enjoyed Stephen’s character in it. It’ll be worth sitting through Edie’s immature friends just to see him again.

  4. I just finished part 3 of NY-Lon. Fingers crossed that the other 4 episodes can be uploaded here. I love Stephen’s Michael. Thank you so much for providing, moyer_chick.

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