Release dates: UK – June 3, 2001
Official site: n.a.
Director: Peter Webber
Writer: Richard Cottan
Genre: Drama
Film Locations: London, England
Plot Summary: Men Only tells the story of a group of five aging mates who play football together every Tuesday night. Growing older they are now losing almost every game but don’t care because as soon as the match is over they hit the pubs and the clubs. Football becomes less and less important and gradually their lives spiral downhill with all of the partying they do. Men Only tackles a quite controversial subject and is intended strictly for an adult audience. However right from the opening few scenes it grabs you with the phenomenal performances as well as the great writing and direction.

Some worry about how this film implies that certain behavior is acceptable, I don’t agree. Men Only is about investigating these five men and their struggle with their identities and the competitive nature men have. There is something very primal about this story that resonates and shows the competitive nature of men and their relationships, in such things as sports, sex, drugs, etc. There is a constant competition between the five men with the conflict between Mac, the doctor and Stephen Moyer’s character, Jason, at its center.At the time, Stephen Moyer was not as well known as he is today, and therefore, Men Only had a relatively unknown cast but they all gave superb acting performances.

In brief, Men Only is sheer class and an utter masterpiece all round. Each character has flaws and is presented in a very real way. I think this is an excellent film, extremely well written and one of Stephen Moyer’s best performances. I rate it a 10!

  • Stephen Moyer … Jason
  • Marc Warren … Mac
  • Martin Freeman … Jamie
  • Daniel Ryan … Des
  • Razaaq Adoti … Dwight
  • Esther Hall … Katie
  • Jenna Russell … Lyn
  • Kerry Godliman … Louise
  • Zoe Telford … Alice
  • Marianne Jean-Baptiste … Gemma
  • Gina Isaac … Polly
  • Jamie Glover … Robert
  • Amanda Abbington … Trina
  • Leah Fitzgerald … Steff
  • Gary Pillai … Vijay
  • Archie Lal … Raj
  • Illona Linthwaite … Therapist
  • Nicholas Tizzard … Declan
  • Simon Molloy … George Beaty
  • Rosalind March … Elaine
  • Alexander Newland … Kenny
  • Hugh Ross … Dr. Sharp
Producer(s): Simon Heath … co-producer
Jake Lushington … producer
Sanne Wohlenberg … line producer
Original Music: Edmund Butt
Cinematography: Julian Court
Editor: Kate Evans
Casting: Toby Whale
Production Design: n.a.
Art Direction: n.a.
Set Decoration: Sophie Newman
Visual Effects: n.a.

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the “silky” scene

Taking Ketamine

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