Release dates:
  • France Jul 22, 1998
  • Portugal Oct 23, 1998
  • Spain Jul 2, 1999
  • Belgium Sep 29, 1999
Official site: n.a. – learn more here:
Director: Jack Hazan
  • Jack Hazan,
  • David Mingay
Genre: Comedy
Film Locations: n.a.
Plot Summary: Onstage, comedy and sex can sometimes mix, but here they cause nothing but trouble offstage. Gus and Jay’s stand-up comedy routine is thrown for a loop when the beautiful Alex joins them. This movie benefits from strong characterization, but suffers from too many onstage scenes that slow the narrative.
  • Magnus Hastings…Rory
  • Stephen Moyer…Danny
  • Neil Mullarkey…Gus
  • David Schneider…Jay
  • Robert Webb…Mario
  • Suki Webster…Alex
  • Paulo Branco,
  • Saskia Spender
Original Music: Patrick Gowers
Cinematography: Richard Branczik
Editor: David Mingay
Casting: n.a.
Production Design: Jamie Lengyel
Art Direction: n.a.
Set Decoration: n.a.
Visual Effects n.a.
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  1. i liked Stephen’s role in this film. for once he isn’t the crazy one or the (really) evil one. his character was somewhat sleazy, but that pretty face made you forgive him everything. i loved the twin brothers twins. here again, i think that stephen’s performance outdistanced the script.

  2. I’m ashamed and delighted to say that I have just discovered Stephen Moyer.
    My daughter has bought me the Ture Blood box set for my 65th birthday!!
    Today I feel 21 again!

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