The film, Juveniles is a Stephen Moyer film that was shot in 2015 and is just not being released. In it, Stephen Moyer plays the villain, which we’re sure he loved doing. The was first seen at the Newport Beach Film Festival on April 30, 2018.





Release date: Filmed in 2015. Premiered in 2017 and soon to be released in 2018 – first screened at Garden State Film Festival on March 24, 2018, and then at Newport Beach Film Festival on April 30, 2018.
Official site: n.a.
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Director/Writer: Nico Sabenorio
Genre: Drama
Film Locations: Southern California (remote area of Los Angeles)
Plot Summary: From MTV VMA-nominated music video director Nico Sabenorio, Juveniles is a drama about familial rivalries and the cyclical nature of violence, set against the backdrop of third world America. The story takes place in present day with tribal rivalries colliding as an older teenager must fight to overcome the powerful forces of violence and poverty while trying to protect his family.

Tormented by the murder of his father when he was young, a high schooler is confronted by the dark underbelly of his town when his sister falls for the son of the biggest crime boss around.  After learning the reason behind his father’s death all those years ago, he goes to confront the boss and his sons to protect his family and save his town.  On his mission of vengeance, this young man may have to sing to unfathomable levels to hopefully find peace.

  • Beau Knapp … Lucas
    Stephen Moyer … Ben
  • Martin Henderson … Oliver
  • Morgan Lily … Corie
  • Kevin Alejandro … Russell
  • Kathleen Rose Perkins … Sidney
  • Nick Eversman … Elliot
  • Trevor Jackson … Trent
  • Rogelio Douglas Jr. … Wyatt
  • Jessica Rothe … Amber
  • J. Michael Trautmann … Junior
  • Marcella Lentz-Pope … Mattie
  • Kale Clauson … Curtis
  • Mary Elizabeth Boylan … Stacey Lee
  • Jono Cota … Andy
  • Scott E. Anderson Executive Producer
  • James C.E. Burke
  • Ron Eli Cohen Co-Producer
  • Scott Disharoon
  • Jeff Fuller Associate
  • Jon Hollis Co-Producer
  • Chris Miller
  • Elliot Lewis Rosenblatt
Original Music:
  • Andy Georges
  • Alex Wurman
Cinematography: Nicolas Restrepo
Editor:  n.a.
Casting: Emily Schweber
Production Design: Alessandro Marvelli
Art Direction: Chris Scheid
Set Decoration: Teressa Tunney
Visual Effects Scott E. Anderson
Special Effects
  • Lenny Dalrymple
  • Zak Knight
  • Steve Newquist

2 Candid photos that were taken during production:

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Two screenshots from the film:


Hulme directed HBO’s “Unknown Soldier: Searching for A Father.” His script for “No Such Thing” centers on a father who tries to protect his young son from the same child-abducting boogeyman that pursued him as a child.

Producers hold U.S. rights to “No Such Thing,” which will be shot for under $10 million. Miller told Variety that Hulme’s story taps into the myth of a child-stealing monster that permeates multiple cultures.

“The script has a lot of resonance — and we are going to show the monster,” he added.

“Juveniles,” an action thriller starring Beau Knapp and Stephen Moyer, made its market debut at AFM with Radiant handling foreign sales and showing footage. CAA represents North American rights on the film, which is in post-production and directed by Nico Sabenorio from his own screenplay.

“Juveniles,” shot in a remote area of Los Angeles County north of Hanson Dam in 18 days, centers on a student out to avenge his father’s death at the hands of a local crime lord. Martin Henderson, Kathleen Rose Perkins, Nick Eversman and Jessica Rothe also star.

Besides Miller and Burke, “Juveniles” was also produced by Elliot Lewis Rosenblatt and Scott Disharoon.




As the DVD and/or Blu-Ray becomes available, we will provide links to purchase it.  See it now by buying it to stream via ITunes here: or watch it on Prime Video on Amazon by clicking on the link below:

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