Release dates: January 22, 2000
Official site: n.a.
Episode Episode 2.1
Director: Nelson Hume
Writer: Mark Edgington, Nelson Hume
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Plot Summary:

We’ve been looking for information about this episode that included Stephen Moyer and finally, so, we’re happy that now we have the episode and some information about it.

Sunburn is a British television series that followed the lives of a group of British holiday reps. It was broadcast on BBC One between 16 January 1999 and 1 May 2000, running for two series of six and eight episodes respectively. The first was set and filmed in Cyprus and the second in Algarve. The cast included Michelle Collins, Rebecca Callard, Sharon Small, George Layton and Sean Maguire, with Paul Nicholas joining later. The series was created by Mike Bullen, who was interested in the behind-the-scenes lives of holiday reps after watching the docusoap Holiday Reps. Bullen wrote most of the first series but scaled back his involvement in the second; most of that series’ episodes were written by Lizzie Mickery and Sally Wainwright

Stephen Moyer appeared in episode 2.01, the first episode of Season 2 playing the part of Trevor Watts, a football player who was visiting the residents of the vacation village to hide from reporters.

  • Sean Maguire – Lee Wilson
  • Isla Fisher’s– Woman
  • Rebecca Callard’s  – Laura Hutchings
  • George Layton – Alan Brookes
  • James Buller – Greg Patterson 1
  • Michelle Collins – Nicki Matthews
  • Paul Nicholas – David Janus
  • Joanna Wake – Linda Dixon
  • Johnnie Wade – Tom Dixon
  • Stephen Moyer – Trevor Watts
  • Cliff Parisi – Reggie Roach
  • Sharon Small – Carol Simpson
  • Ivan Kaye – Kidnapper
  • Frank Boyce – British Male 1
  • Dickon Tolson – British Male
  • Terry Bird – British Bar Owner
  • Danny Clements – Drinker
Original Music: Sheridan Tongue
Editor: Roy Demery
Production Design: David Crank
Art Direction: Mark Hedges, Robert Jones






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