Release dates: September 12, 2000 Episode 10.2
Official site: (unofficial)
Director: Phil Collinson
Writer: Jack Grasse
Genre: Drama
Film Locations: United Kingdom
Plot Summary: Policeman Chris Rhodes, played by Stephen Moyer, is a man with a lot of responsibilities including a very pregnant wife.

Chris is also trying to get a promotion and has a very important Policeman’s exam coming up the next day but, Lynn his wife goes into labor two weeks early and there is no time to get to the hospital. Chris earlier booked Alex, a doctor and knows she is close. He and his wife arrive on her doorstep in the middle of the night. Alex delivers the baby but as it emerges she sees the cord has been caught around it’s neck. Chris isn’t confident that Alex knows what she is doing and he pushes her out of the way. The force of his push makes her fall onto the table where she hits her head. Alex soon makes Chris realize that if he doesn’t let her do her job the baby will die.

After the baby is safely delivered Alex calls for an ambulance to take them to hospital.Chris arrives at The Beeches and apologizes to Alex. She tells him if she reports him he could lose his job, she also explains that in preventing her from doing her job his baby could have died.

Chris tells Alex he has been taking speed to stay on top of things at work and at home. Alex says she won’t report him on condition that he comes off the speed. But, things are starting to go wrong for Chris as he falls asleep out of the blue and is having horrible nightmares.

Things really start to go bad when Chris is arrested for shoplifting, which he doesn’t even remember as he did it while in a state like sleep walking.Alex tells Andrew she wants to put Chris into a sleep clinic. Andrew isn’t sure about Alex’s diagnoses but gives her his backing.

The sleep clinic proves that Chris has narcolepsy, the condition can be controlled so long as Chris stays off the speed. They prescribe a non-addictive drug to hopefully get Chris back to normal.

  • Lynsey Baxter … Kate Turner
  • Ian Black … Steve
  • John Bowler … Mike Pullen
  • Katy Cavanagh … Lynne Rhodes
  • Karl Davies … Nick Pullen
  • Regina Freedman … Liz Pullen
  • Tom Gregory … Dr. Wood
  • Julia Haworth … Julie Pullen
  • Robert Hudson … Sergeant Bob Carrigan
  • Peter Martin … Ernie Page
  • Norman Mills … Shopkeeper
  • Stephen Moyer … Chris Rhodes
  • Maggie O’Neill … Dr. Alex Redman
  • Patsy Rowlands … Grace Page
Producer: Tony Virgo
Original Music: Craig Pruess
Cinematography: n.a.
Editor: William Webb
Casting: n.a.
Production Design: n.a.
Art Direction: n.a.
Set Decoration: n.a.
Visual Effects: Alexander Gunn
Photos from this film:

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Below are videos of the scenes that include Stephen:
Part 1

Part 2

Thanks to Parise for the videos.

These DVD’s are only playable on Region 2 DVD players.


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  1. Wow, he looks lovely as a cop! So lovely. Are these all scenes with him. Goodness he is absolute pleasure to watch.

  2. Thank you Parise, I just watched the whole thing, Stephen looks so lovely as always, he rocks a uniform huh. When he’s was holding the baby, that was so sweet, so touching *sigh*

  3. What a treat – an unexpected one! Thanks so much for finding this, Parise, and posting, Lynn. I really enjoyed watching it, and Stephen was so good, as usual. 11 years ago – wow! (Just around the time his son was born, I think.)

  4. An added comment: Stephen is so cute and appealing in this video, but he is so much hotter and buff and gorgeous now – he just keeps getting better and better!

  5. This was brilliant. How gorgeous is he? And holding the baby Ahhh such a sweetheart. I remember this series being on TV although I never really watched it, it was on during the afternoon, I should have paid more attention LOL Thank you Parise for finding this gem and to Lynn for posting

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