Release dates: September, 2007
Official site: n.a.
Director: Elisabeth Fry
Writer: Elisabeth Fry
Genre: Short drama
Film Locations: Studio City, Los Angeles, CA
Plot Summary:


In this 15 minute short we come in on Susan, a news photographer being telephoned by her editor, Ed, played by Stephen Moyer. He asks her to cover a meeting between two rival gangs. While covering the gang meeting, she gets hurt and we next see her in her home recovering. She starts to watch the news and a child has been abducted and we learn from the frantic calls from her mother that Susan has been through child abuse herself.Unfortunately, Stephen Moyer is not seen in the film, and he thought it important to participate because of his love of children.


  • Susan Savage…Susan
  • Stephen Moyer … Ed (Editor)
  • Grace Zabriskie … Mom
  • Mario Aguilar Jr. … Rival Member 2
  • Frank Alvarez … Gang Member 1
  • Nick Rey Angelus … Rival Leader
  • Anthony ‘Citric’ Campos … Gang Member 5
  • Cesar Garcia … Gang Leader
  • Roy Garcia … Rival Member 3
  • Alexis Hernandez … Rival Member 1
  • Bill Lippincott … Reporter
  • Danny Martinez … Gang Member 3
  • Jose Pillado … Gang Member 2
  • James Walker … Mr Sims


  • John Duffy … producer
  • Elisabeth Fry … producer
Original Music: n.a.
Cinematography: Charles Minsky
Editor: Matthew Rundell
Casting: n.a.
Production Design: n.a.
Art Direction: n.a.
Set Decoration: n.a.
Visual Effects n.a.

Stephen Moyer is only in this short while on the phone so, there aren’t any Stephen photos. ¬†However, you get to hear his lovely voice in the video located under the VIDEO TAB, but here’s the credits where you can see him listed in the credits.

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Video of this film:

Thanks to LifeIsNotEasy for finding this video.

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