Release dates: October 16, 2005 (Season 5, Episode 9 & 10)
Official site:
Director: David Thacker
Writer: Oliver Brown Writer, Barbara Machin Creator
Genre: Drama
Film Locations: UK
Plot Summary: Prisoner Steven Hunt is serving nine months for Benefit Fraud, and he’s about to get out. The team are convinced he’s a serial killer, and set out to solve the murders he committed in the past. But with nothing other than coincidences and hunches can they prevent him from beginning a killing spree? Hunt is released and Boyd has him tailed. Under the noses of his police tail, Hunt drowns a girl at the local baths. There is no proof that he has done this so Boyd releases his name to a journalist hoping that media coverage will give the team something to work with.

  • Trevor Eve … Detective Superintendent Peter Boyd
  • Sue Johnston … Dr. Grace Foley
  • Wil Johnson … DI Spencer Jordan
  • Félicité Du Jeu … DC Stella Goodman
  • Esther Hall … Dr. Felix Gibson
  • Stephen Moyer … Steven Hunt
  • Dimitri Andreas … Routsis
  • Paul Boyd … Martin Nichol
  • Kate Braithwaite … Julia Macey
  • Sabina Cameron … Angela Worthing
  • Cheryl Campbell … Maureen Hunt
  • Flaminia Cinque … Rebecca Fairclough
  • Laura Cox … Landlady
  • Sharon Duncan-Brewster … Sarah Baker
  • Michelle Edwards … Sophie Raikes
  • Dan Fredenburgh … Ben Elwes
  • Annemarie Gaillard … Suzy Jenkins
  • Ruta Gedmintas … Shelly Martin
  • Kathryn Georghiou … Philippa Carrington
  • Peter Hamilton Dyer … Chris Wright
  • Poppy Jhakra … Samantha Taylor
  • Alison Jiear … Jacqueline Wright
  • Sohm Kapila … Chloe Martin
  • Bryan Lowe … Willis
  • Harry Miller … Cole
  • Sian Milne … Armelle Thierry
  • Jonathan Ryan … Man
  • Elaine Symons … Bryony Watts
  • Tom Tyler … Chloe’s Boyfriend
  • Anna Westfield … Laila Powell
  • Peter Wight … Donald Hunt
Producer: Patrick Spence … executive producer
Original Music:
  • Joe Campbell (10 episodes, 2002-2008)
  • Paul Hart (8 episodes, 2002-2008)
Cinematography: Mike Spragg
Editor: David Blackmore
Casting: Catherine Willis
Production Design: n.a.
Art Direction: Lucienne Suren
Set Decoration: n.a.
Visual Effects:
  • Paul McGuinness … special effects supervisor
  • Clive R. Kay … special effects contact lenses (uncredited)

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Waking the Dead Season 5, episode 9 - Undertow
Waking the Dead Season 5, episode 9 – Undertow

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  1. I’m loving the photo.
    Stephen Moyer is a super handsome man.
    I have NO PROBLEM with the actor.
    MY problems arise with the character that he plays on TrueBlood~William Thomas Compton III is who I
    really don’t like. Stephen is a handsome man.
    Not as handsome as his co-star Alexander Skarsgard.
    But still good looking.
    he’s got sapphire blue eyes,he reminds me of blazing fires,
    cognac, being warmed over an open flame,houndstooth patterened jackets,fox hunts,hearty stews, Gunniess ale,
    English Football,Elglish gardens, James Bond.
    All things “English”.

  2. Amazingly gorgeous!! Uhh! Marlene Ferraro Emmett, everyone is entitled to their opinion but seriously.. its starting to sound like a broken record with you honey.. Bill is a character and has nothing to do with the Stephen as a person.. so tone it down with the dislike of Bill. Its okay you dont like Bill but every post is about how you dislike him.. we get the point.. jus sayin.. I mean no disrespect but come on!

  3. Right on Nikki — it’s irritating that we can’t even escape the Bill haters on a Stephen Moyer fan site. I’m not sure this passive aggressive “I like Moyer but I hate Bill and also Alexander is Better Looking Anyway!!” variety is any better than those who are downright hostile.

  4. Nikki /Veronica. Thank you. If you don’t like the ‘character’ SM portrays, please find somewhere else for your Bill~hate. Geez! (Pam Eye Roll)

  5. OH….btw, ASkars is NOT better looking than Stephen Moyer! Not in my world! Stephen has a beautiful personality, perfect blue eyes, he’s outgoing, kind, a super dad, a devoted attentive husband… and he is the sexiest man ALIVE!

  6. Veronica, It just gets old after awhile… ya know, That chick is like everywhere.. we are trying to enjoy this beautiful man and she has to continually come throw in some BS. Normally I say nothing but this is like the 4 time this week.. had enough! :)

  7. She’s been doing that for years. You are right in criticizing her for it. This site is for SM love, with no caveats thrown in: no “except for”, no “not as much as”…we don’t need those passive-aggressive comments. And AS is taller, but in no way more handsome…not ever.

  8. Go Nikki I have wanted to say that to her for a while sick of hearing it now she is a flipping broken record we get she don’t like Bill but dose she have to keep saying so on a SM fan page and photos

  9. For some reason I always loved Bill even when people hate him. I feel bad they things went down with Sookie. I feel he’s will always love her.I hope they get together again one day. I know I’m going to get alot of haters. Oh, well.

  10. Teresa, I found it on You Tube, it’s in several different installments. I also found Ny-Lon on Hulu. I’ve watched several of his old movies on You Tube but check NetFlix as well. I want to know how I can get a copy of Deadlines.

  11. Yes, he was very creepy in this but he did it so well. Also creepy in one called The Secret (I think that’s the title). What a great actor! Just recently watched Ny-Lon, he was amazing in that.

  12. Marlene Ferraro Emmett, I had to block you from emailing me because of your rants like this. Why do you even come here just to ruin the fans enjoyment of Stephen Moyer? It’s like you cannot stop yourself, ever, from posting about a fictional character that you always call by his True Blood show  name IN FULL. Not being able to differentiate between reality and a fictional show about vampires is not a good sign. You have emailed me so many times with very strange messages, you tried to enter my name in your Mental Health Support group as a member to be able to talk PUBLICLY about your issues and that’s when I blocked you. Please understand that this is a Stephen Moyer “Fan” Site and your issues are yours alone. You know that your comments are welcome on any AS site, they agree with you. That is where your comments belong, honey. Not here.

  13. THANKS SO MUCH for those videos. they are wonderful. i could not believe how close i got to the computer to watch them and see his handsome face, hear his delicious voice and watch him “walk”, omg that strut is his and his alone! He’s done so many great shows and movies, True Blood is just where I found him first, now I know that there are other places to watch and drool over! lol.

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