Release dates: November 4, 2001 – USA
Official site: n.a.
  • Stephen mentioned in an interview last fall on the “Employee of the Month” podcast that he still keeps in touch with the man he played.
  • John Avnet, the director, producer and co-writer is also the director of “WIGs Jan, the film “88 Minutes” and “The Starter Wife” in which Stephen starred.
  • One of Stephen’s co-stars in this film is Hank Azaria, who recently interviewed Stephen for his “Fatherhood” series.
Director: Jon Avnet
Writer: Paul Brickman and Jon Avnet
Genre: Drama/History
Film Locations:
  • Bratislava,
  • Slovakia,
  • Innsbruck,
  • Tyrol,
  • Austria
Plot Summary: The Nazis invasion of Poland in the fall of 1939 sent hundreds of thousands Polish Jews into a quarantined area which became known as the Warsaw Ghetto. The German troops were surprised to march into Warsaw to find such resistance by the proud Jewish population. This television mini-series dramatizes the fighting spirit of the people who were proud to fight and willing to die for their honor. Jon Avnet, director of films with a political edge (Red Corner), is perfectly suited to the material.

Review: http://www.reelfilm.com/uprising.htm

  • Leelee Sobieski … Tosia Altman
  • Hank Azaria … Mordechaj Anielewicz
  • David Schwimmer … Icchak ‘Antek’ Cukierman
  • Jon Voight … Maj. Gen. Jürgen Stroop
  • Donald Sutherland … Adam Czerniaków
  • Stephen Moyer … Simha ‘Kazik’ Rotem
  • Sadie Frost … Zivia Lubetkin
  • Radha Mitchell … Mira Fuchrer
  • Mili Avital … Dewora Baron
  • Eric Lively … Arie Wilner
  • Alexandra Holden … Frania Beatus
  • John Ales … Marek Edelman
  • Andy Nyman … Kalel Wasser
  • Nora Brickman … Clara Linder
  • Jesper Christensen … Gen. Krüger
  • Cary Elwes … Dr. Fritz Hippler
  • Palle Granditsky … Dr. Janusz Korczak
  • Luke Mably … Zachariasz Artenstein
  • Nadiv Molcho … Izak Linder
  • Jon Avnet … producer
  • Raffaella De Laurentiis … producer
  • Bill Haber … executive producer
  • Hester Hargett … co-producer
  • Jordan Kerner … producer
  • Lisa Lindstrom … co-executive producer
  • Marsha Oglesby … co-producer
Original Music: Maurice Jarre
Cinematography: Denis Lenoir
Editor: Sabrina Plisco-Morris¹
  • Fritz Fleischhacker
  • Debi Manwiller
  • Rick Pagano
  • Eva Stefankovicová
  • Lenka Stefankovicova
  • Sheila Trezise
Production Design: Benjamín Fernández
Art Direction:
  • Bara Barova … assistant to propmaster
  • Ron Downing … supervising property master
  • Alejandro Fernández … set designer
  • Massimo Petrolini … construction manager
Set Decoration: Alejandro Fernández … set designer
Visual Effects too many to post
See a promo from the film below:

Using radically refashioned archival footage of the Warsaw ghetto, this interview with Jon Avnet the director of Uprising talks about Marek Edelman who is an evocative memoir of his role in the rebellion that held back the Nazis for almost a month in 1943.

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