Release date: September 7, 2008 –  Series finale, August 24, 2014
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  • Scott Winant
  • Michael Lehmann
  • John Dahl
  • Daniel Minahan
  • Alan Ball
  • Stephen Moyer
  • Alan Ball
  • Charlaine Harris
  • Alexander Woo
  • Raelle Tucker
  • Brian Buckner
  • Nancy Oliver
  • Chris Offutt
Genre: Drama / Fantasy / Horror
Film Locations:
  • Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA (season 2)
  • Eagle Rock, California, USA
  • Hawthorne, California, USA
  • Hollywood Center Studios – Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Long Beach, California, USA
  • Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Mansfield, Louisiana, US  (pilot)
  • Shreveport, Louisiana, USA  (pilot)
  • Sun Valley, Los Angeles, California, USA
Plot Summary: Because of the invention of a new “synthetic bottled blood”, vampires no longer need to feed off of humans to survive, and can therefore attempt to coexist with them. As a result of this, two years after vampires ‘came out of the coffin’ on national television, Sookie Stackhouse, a barmaid living in the fictional town of Bon Temps, Louisiana who can read people’s minds, has her life forever changed when she meets the town’s first vampire, Bill Compton as he walks into her place of employment, Merlotte’s Bar.
Trivia: • The part of Tara Thornton was originally given to Brook Kerr. Rutina Wesley replaced her after two episodes were filmed. All of Kerr’s scenes were re-shot.
• The first season is based mostly on the first book of Charlaine Harris’ book ‘Dead Until Dark’.
• This is not the first time that actor ‘Stephen Moyer’ has played a vampire. He also was a vampire in the British 6-part TV series, Ultraviolet.
• The name of the fictional northern Louisiana town, Bon Temps, means “good time” in French.
• Alexander Skarsgård, who plays Eric, is from Sweden and the language spoken by him and his subjects is Swedish.
  • “I’ll always be able to feel you. I’ll be able to find you fast”….Bill Compton
  • “You’re in my vault”….Pam Ravenscroft
  • “Honey, if we can’t kill people what’s the point in being a vampire”?….Malcolm
  • “There are urgent matters to which I must attend”…Bill Compton
  • “Bring it on Hookah”…Lafayette Reynolds
  • “Do you even know what’s between a woman’s legs, Lafayette”?…Arlene Fowler
  • “It’s like animal planet. Any minute she gonna turn around and bite his head off” Rene
  • “It was the most disturbing shit I have ever seen”..Tara
  • “I should have known somethin’ wasn’t right the second you walked into my life carrying that big bag of crazy”…Jason Stackhouse
  • “Guilt is a useless emotion or so I have heard”…. Terry Bellefleur
  • “You are the worst maker ever”….Jessica
  • “Mainstreaming is for pussies”….Liam
  • “May I call on you sometime”?….Bill Compton
  • “I think Merlotte’s just got it’s first Vampire”…Sookie Stackhouse
  • “Oh my stars”…Sookie Stackhouse
  • “Aren’t you afraid to be out here with a hungry vampire”?…Bill Compton
  • “Who said anything about sex”…Bill Compton
  • “Oh, no doubt”….Bill Compton
  • “What are you”?…Bill Compton
  • “I can bring you back to life”…Bill Compton
  • “Can you feel my influence”?…Bill Compton
  • “I can smell the sunlight on your skin”…Bill Compton
  • “Do it. I want you to”….Sookie Stackhouse
  • “Well, technically no, but I am healed”…Bill Compton
  • “Give you a little cocoa, little cocoa”…Lafayette Reynolds
  • “Don’t say uh oh, vampires are not supposed to say uh oh”…Sookie StackhouseTo get more quotes, go to The Vault
  • Anna Paquin … Sookie Stackhouse
  • Stephen Moyer … Bill Compton
  • Sam Trammell … Sam Merlotte
  • Ryan Kwanten … Jason Stackhouse
  • Rutina Wesley … Tara Thornton
  • Chris Bauer … Detective Andy Bellefleur
  • Nelsan Ellis … Lafayette Reynolds
  • Jim Parrack … Hoyt Fortenberry
  • Carrie Preston … Arlene Fowler
  • William Sanderson … Sheriff Bud Dearborne
  • Alexander Skarsgård … Eric Northman
  • Todd Lowe … Terry Bellefleur
  • Michelle Forbes … Maryann Forrester
  • Adina Porter … Lettie Mae Thornton
  • Deborah Ann Woll … Jessica Hamby
  • Mehcad Brooks … Eggs
  • John Billingsley … Mike Spencer
  • Michael Raymond-James … Rene Lenier
  • Michael McMillian … Steve Newlin
  • Kristin Bauer … Pam
  • Patricia Bethune … Jane Bodehouse
  • Dale Raoul … Maxine Fortenberry
  • Anna Camp … Sarah Newlin
  • Adam Leadbeater … Karl
  • Ashley Jones … Daphne Landry
  • Lois Smith … Adele Stackhouse
  • Aisha Hinds … Miss Jeanette
  • Wes Brown … Luke McDonald
  • Mariana Klaveno … Lorena
  • Lizzy Caplan … Amy Burley
  • Alec Gray … Coby Fowler
  • Laurel Weber … Lisa Fowler
  • Lynn Collins … Dawn Green
  • Jessica Tuck … Nan Flanagan
  • Tara Buck … Ginger
  • Valerie Cruz … Isabel
  • Stephen Root … Eddie
  • Raoul Trujillo … Longshadow
  • Allan Hyde … Godric
  • Patrick Gallagher … Chow
  • Graham Shiels … Liam
  • Tanya Wright … Kenya
  • Caleb Moody … Royce
  • Tess Parker … Rosie
  • Chris Coy … Barry
  • Greg Collins … Gabe
  • Danielle Sapia … Maudette Pickens
  • Danielle James … Randi Sue
  • John Prosky … Duke Smith
  • Andrew Rothenberg … Malcolm
  • Aunjanue Ellis … Diane
  • Jeremy Denzlinger … Wayne
  • Kanin Howell … Chuck
  • Ed Quinn … Stan
  • John Rezig … Deputy Kevin Ellis
  • Christopher Gartin … Hugo
  • Valorie Hubbard … Random Frenzier
  • James Parks … Mack Rattray
  • Karina Logue … Denise Rattray
  • Evan Rachel Wood … Sophie-Anne Leclerq
  • Alan Ball … executive producer
  • Brian Buckner … co-executive producer
  • Nancy Oliver … supervising producer / co-executive producer
  • Raelle Tucker … co-producer / producer
  • Alexander Woo … producer / supervising producer
  • Christina Jokanovich … associate producer
  • Carol Dunn Trussell … producer / line producer
  • Chris Offutt … executive story editor
  • Bruce Dunn … co-producer
  • Gregg Fienberg … executive producer
  • W. Mark McNair … producer
  • Luis Patiño … associate producer
Original Music:
  • Nathan Barr, original score,
  • Gary Calamar, Music Supervisor
  • Matthew Jensen
  • Romeo Tirone
  • John B. Aronson
  • Checco Varese
  • Joseph Gallagher
  • Michael Ruscio
  • Andy Keir
  • Peter B. Ellis
  • Louise Innes
  • Libby Goldstein
  • Junie Lowry-Johnson
Production Design: Suzuki Ingerslev
Art Direction: Catherine Smith
Set Decoration:
  • Laura Richarz
  • Rusty Lipscomb
Visual Effects:
  • Barbara Genicoff … visual effects producer
  • Sean Tompkins … visual effects coordinator
  • Kristen Branan … head of production: Zoic Studios
  • Jon Massey … visual effects supervisor


Bill Compton, Season 1, Episode 1


Bill Compton’s look in Season 1 and Season 2

bill7 S2_004

Bill Compton’s look in Season 3 and Season 4

Bill and Billith in Season 5


Bill’s look in Season 6 and 7

billseason6-2 bills7


Bill and Sookie in Season 1 and Season 2

tb08ov4 trueblood0204-4

Bill and Sookie in Season 3 and Season 4

Bill and Sookie in Season 5

Bill and Sookie in Season 6

normal_s607-83 normal_episode-68-07-1024

Bill and Sookie in Season 7

normal_trueblood-710-billsookie2 normal_trueblood-710-billsookiedeath

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Video of Season 2, Episode 1 recap

Video of Season 3, Episode 1 recap

Video of Season 4, Episode 1 recap

Video of Season 5, Episode 1 recap

Video of Season 6, Episode 1 recap

Video of Season 7 – After the Finale

In Part 2 of the interview Steve granted ASM in November 2014, he spoke about what True Blood means to him, the finale episode and how he envisioned the final scene, how he prepared for Bill’s death, the best series finale of all time and his daughter’s debut on the show.

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