Release dates: UK – February 9, 1997
Official site:
Director: Paul Seed
  • Novels – R.D. Wingfield,
  • Screenplay – Malcolm Bradbury
Genre: Crime/Drama/Mystery
Film Locations: Yorkshire, England, UK
Plot Summary: In this episode of “A Touch of Frost,” it’s a busy night for the Denton CID. Just as DI Jack Frost is about to leave on a fortnight’s leave, the body of a young boy is found dead in an alley. He was found gagged and the pathologist determines he had been chloroformed and had choked on his own vomit. He had also had his left pinkie finger cut off.

The police had initially thought the young boy was Bobby Kirby who had gone missing that evening, but they determine it’s not the same child so they have both a murder victim and a missing child. The same evening, a couple returns home to find their front door open and their teenage daughter missing.

The parents paid 25,000 pounds for her release but Frost has his doubts having had business with the girl’s father in the past. As for Bobby, kidnappers demand a half million pounds from a major supermarket chain or the boy will be killed. The payment is made but the police operation is botched and they have to go back a few steps in order to get on the right track.

  • David Jason … D.I. Frost
  • Bruce Alexander … Supt. Mullett
  • Susannah Doyle … D.S. Liz Maud
  • Philip Stone … Henry Finch
  • Miles Anderson … Sir Richard Cordwell
  • Stephen Moyer … D.C. Burton
  • John Lyons … D.S. Toolan
  • Michael Angelis … Reggie Stansfield
  • Carol Harrison … Susie Stansfield
  • Paul Moriarty … Sgt. Wells
  • James McKenna … Sgt Brady
  • Gwyneth Powell … Kitty Rayford
  • Charles De’Ath … D.C. Collier
  • Damian Warren … P.C. Packer
  • David McKail … Dr. McKenzie
  • Bill Riddoch¹ … Hammond
  • David Gooderson … Pathologist
  • Helena McCarthy … Mrs. Way
  • Sarah Smart … Carol Stansfield
  • Daniel Casey … Ian Grafton
  • Jean Marie Coffey … Julie Kirkby
  • Bill Stewart … Sandy Longford
  • Laura Strachan … Tracey Neal
  • Jake Nightingale … Terry Green
  • Tony Curran … Craig Hudson
  • Fiona Dolman … Fiona
  • Bruce Jones … Tommy Dunstan
  • John Webber … D.C. Lambert
  • Stephanie Putson … Joy Anderton
  • Francesco Bruno … Bobby Kirkby
  • Bill Moody … Garage Attendant
  • Gloria Appleton … Canteen Assistant
  • Christa Ackroyd … TV Reporter
  • Chris Kiddey … Newsreader
  • Sam Townend … Dean Anderton
  • Martyn Auty … producer
  • Richard Bates … executive producer
  • Philip Burley … executive producer
  • Peter Lover … associate producer
  • David Reynolds … executive producer
Original Music: Jon Hiseman, Barbara Thompson
Cinematography: Peter Jackson (director of photography)
Editor: David Aspinall
Casting: Marilyn Johnson
Production Design: Alan Davis
Art Direction: Charlie Kershaw
Set Decoration: n.a.
Visual Effects: n.a.
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Part 2 of Stephen’s Episode:

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