Release dates: UK – January 21, 2000
Official site: n.a.
Director: Al Grant
  • T.R. Bowen, Writer of series
  • Catherine Cookson, Novel
Genre: Drama
Film Locations: n.a.
Plot Summary: In the late 1880’s reformed smuggler Freddie Musgrave has worked hard to turn a legitimate trade, but then a face from his past turns up threatening to ruin things for him. Based on The Harrogate Secret, Cookson’s only thriller, Colin Buchanan stars as Freddie Musgrave and a suitably creepy performance by Stephen Moyer as the sick, perverted Marcel Birkstead. The past comes back to haunt Musgrave and his friends when evidence of stolen diamonds turns up. Somehow it is connected to the horrible secret concerning Roderick Gallagher, a monstrous character from their past, and Belle , the girl Freddie has been protecting all his life.
  • Colin Buchanan … Freddie Musgrave
  • Clare Higgins … Maggie Hewitt
  • Hannah Yelland … Belle Hewitt
  • Stephen Moyer … Marcel Birkstead
  • June Whitfield … Mrs. Birkstead
  • Marlene Sidaway … Jinny Musgrave
  • Joanna Rowden … Nancy Musgrave
  • Adam Ironside … Young Freddie
  • Milton Johns … Taylor
  • Malcolm Terris … Sir Christopher Bell
  • Daniel Ainsleigh … John Musgrave
  • Elizabeth Carling … Connie Wheatley
  • William Finnigan … Billy Venables
  • Stephen Hawksby … Exercisman
  • Lynn Hender … Biddy Wheatley
  • Terence Hillyer … Larry Freeman
  • Nicholas Lumley … Frank Wheatley
  • Martin McGlade … Mick Harper
  • Andy Mulligan … Robert Musgrave
  • David Raynor … Andy Stevens
  • Ken Richardson … Callow
  • Joy Sanders … Isabelle Gallagher
  • Leonard Silver
  • Michael Simkins … Roderick Gallagher
  • Paula Wright … May Harper
  • Don Bell … associate producer
  • Ray Marshall … producer
  • Keith Richardson … executive producer
Original Music: Colin Towns
Cinematography: Alan Pyrah
Editor: Phil Cooke
  • Susie Bruffin
  • Liz Vincent-Fernie
Production Design: Ashley Wilkinson
Art Direction: Julian Weaver
Set Decoration: n.a.
Visual Effects n.a.
Below is a video of the series

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  1. I really enjoyed this film. It was strange, but interesting to see Mr. Moyer as an evil character. He did a great job! He was so eerie and menacing ! Thanks so much for posting it! I wonder if he had to lie with his head in the lake, or did a stunt double do it ? Yuck!

  2. I’m watching The Secret right now. SM or Marcel Birkstead is driving a two in hand (i think) to visit Belle. Yay for Stephen’s buggy skills.

  3. Loved him in Restraint! Totally different character! Must see! Prince Valiant! & princess of thevies! He once said in interview, that nobody knows about them ! But , ihave several times , even before True blood! Have seen everything he has done ! He is great in them all !

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