Release dates: March 11, 2001
Official site: n.a.
Director: Peter Hewitt
Writer: Robin Lerner
Genre: Action/Adventure
Film Locations:
  • Baneasa Forest, Bucharest, Romania
  • Brasov, Romania
  • Bucharest, Romania
Plot Summary: Just as Robin Hood and Will Scarlett return from their most recent Crusade, King Richard is wounded and dying. Richard’s son Phillip must journey from France to England to stop the evil Prince John from assuming the throne. John’s henchmen are everywhere, set to assassinate Phillip before and after he arrives. Robin & Will and ordered to safely bring him in, but they’re captured. Robin’s fiery daughter Gwynn (an equal to any man in archery and horse riding) disguises herself as a boy to earn her father’s respect, since he forbade her to get involved because of a promise he made to her mother, the now dead Marian. After narrowly escaping death two times, Phillip and Gwynn team up to free Robin & Will and stop the Sheriff of Nottingham and Prince John.
  • Hannah Cresswell … Marian (voice)
  • David Barrass … Cardaggian
  • Malcolm McDowell … Sheriff of Nottingham
  • Keira Knightley … Gwyn
  • Del Synnott … Froderick
  • Stuart Wilson … Robin of Locksley
  • Crispin Letts … Will Scarlett
  • Roger Ashton-Griffiths … Friar Tuck
  • Jonathan Hyde … Prince John
  • Adam Ryan … Conrad
  • Brendon Gregory … Coachman
  • Stephen Moyer … Prince Philip
  • Gaye Brown … Countess Tourtelot
  • Luke de Lacey … Tourtelot’s Courier
  • Peter McQueen … Captain
  • Christopher Whittingham … Baron
  • Robert Rawles … Volunteer Peasant
  • Paul Ready … Servant
  • Andrew Dunford … Merchant
  • Dick Ward … Herald
  • Jonathan Pembroke … McCamley
  • Gillie Gratham … Mary Duff
  • Peter Cellier … Archbishop
  • Marius Chivu … King Guard
  • Jon Cowan … executive producer
  • Geoffrey Griffiths¹ … co-executive producer
  • Susan B. Landau … executive producer
  • Bill Leather … line producer
  • Craig McNeil … producer
  • Kelly Feldsott Reynolds¹ … co-executive producer
  • Antony Root … executive producer
  • Alison Roth … co-executive producer
  • Robert Rovner¹ … executive producer
  • Michael Taylor … executive producer
Original Music: Rupert Gregson-Williams
Cinematography: Andy Collins
Editor: Sue Wyatt
Casting: Marilyn Johnson
Production Design: Chris Roope
Art Direction: Cristian Niculescu¹
Set Decoration: Serban Porupco
Visual Effects:
  • Adrian Banton … digital compositor: Double Negative
  • Richard Briscoe … 2D digital supervisor: Double Negative
  • Pete Hanson … studio manager: Double Negative
  • Jody Johnson … digital compositor
  • Matt Plummer¹ … visual effects producer
  • Mike Pope … digital compositor
  • Åsa Svedberg … digital artist: Double Negative
This entire film can be viewed on YouTube. This is a link to Part 1 (there are a total of 9 parts which can be found on YouTube).

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