Release dates:
  • Germany – July 24, 1997
  • France – August 6, 1997
  • UK – December 19, 1997
  • USA –July 21, 1998 (video premiere)
Official site: n.a.
Director: Anthony Hickox
  • Comic strip – Harold R. Foster
  • Story- Michael Frost Beckner
  • Screenplay – Michael Frost Beckner,
  • Anthony Hickox
  • Carsten Lorenz
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy
Film Locations:
  • Llechwedd Slate Caverns,
  • Llechwedd Slate Mine,
  • Blaenau Ffestiniog,
  • Gwynedd, Wales, UK
  • Gwrych Castle, Abergele, Conwy, Wales, UK
Plot Summary: In a time now lost in the mists of memory, the great King Arthur rules in the legendary citadel that is Camelot. His Knights of the Round Table commit acts of derring-do and spend their spare time jousting, much to the delight of the local citizens and especially to Princess Ilene, a guest at Camelot. Watching her from afar is a young, inexperienced squire called Valiant, and when the young Welsh princess is sent home to marry Prince Arn, Valiant contrives to accompany her masquerading as Sir Gawain.

Meanwhile, the evil sorceress Morgan le Fey, sister to King Arthur, has convinced the tyrannical Sligon, ruler of the Viking kingdom of Thule, that he should steal Arthur’s sword, the powerful and magical Excalibur, knowing that its loss could bring about Arthur’s downfall. So into the fray comes Sligon’s unstable and psychotic brother Thagnar, who manages to steal the sword. Pandemonium reigns. But Valiant is having problems of his own – kidnappers attempt to steal away the Princess, and after various skirmishes, including one with a mysterious character who lives in a cave and purloins treasure, women and other things of value, Valiant manages to return the Princess to her homeland – although he also manages to have a duel with the Princess’ jealous fiancé, Prince Arn. All things converge as Valiant is finally informed of his heritage by the stranger from the cave… Boltar of Thule.

He informs the lad that he is Prince Valiant, rightful heir to the kingdom of Thule, and with his help, Valiant returns to the land of his birth to rightfully claim what is his.

  • Stephen Moyer … Prince Valiant
  • Katherine Heigl … Princess Ilene
  • Thomas Kretschmann … Thagnar
  • Edward Fox … King Arthur
  • Udo Kier … Sligon
  • Joanna Lumley … Morgan Le Fey
  • Ron Perlman … Boltar
  • Warwick Davis … Pechet
  • Gavan O’Herlihy … King Thane
  • Ben Pullen … Prince Arn
  • Walter Gotell … Erik the Old
  • Anthony Hickox … Prince Gawain
  • Zach Galligan … Sir Kay
  • Hamish Campbell-Robertson … Sir Ector
  • Marcus Schenkenberg … Tiny
  • Chesney Hawkes … Stable Boy
  • Peri Callimanopulos … Sir Galahad
  • Matthew Downes … Sir Gador
  • Guy Farley … Sir Pelleas
  • Eddie Hocking … Sir Griflet
  • Ian Kessner … Sir Giles
  • Christian Thornley … Sir Mador
  • James Von Claer … Sir Tristram
  • Adrian Deadman … Blade
  • Richard Francis … Thumper
  • Carl Austin … Thumper #2
  • Kirsten Hartwig … Flame
  • Francois Patrick Le Hoang … Claw
  • Danny Moriarty … Driller
  • Hans Dieter Wenzel … Chromeheart
  • Brendan Garst … Serf Henry
  • Kenny Kahn … Jousting Referee
  • Mal Lloyd … Sergeant Rollins
  • Karen Mayo Chandler¹ … Matron
  • Jason McCameron … Guard
  • George Morris … Barn Guard
  • Ralph Remstedt … Thule Guard
  • Julie Anne Rhodes … Tavern Woman
  • Lana Nanolina … Monday
  • Elli Dogmeaz … Tuesday
  • Annette Wutich … Wednesday
  • Afzala Bibi … Friday
  • Bernd Eichinger … executive producer
  • Jim Gorman¹ … executive producer
  • Reinhard Klooss … associate producer
  • Robert Kulzer … co-executive producer
  • Carsten Lorenz¹ … producer
  • Tom Rosenberg … executive producer
Original Music: David Bergeaud
Cinematography: Roger Lanser (director of photography)
Editor: Alexander Berner
Casting: Lee Ann Groff
Production Design: Crispian Sallis
Art Direction: Sarah Horton
Set Decoration: n.a.
Visual Effects:
  • Adrian Banton … digital effects supervisor: Image Animation
  • Bob Keen … visual effects supervisor
  • Lutz Lemke … title sequence designer/animator
  • Kevin Phelan … scanning and recording producer: CFC London
Some video clips from the film:


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  1. My record all things Stephen Moyer TiVo just nabbed “Prince Valiant” and I don’t know why but I did not realize “Prince Valiant” and “Princess of Thieves” was not the same movie; those two movies could be tricky trivia questions LOL. Eventhough I failed in my knowledge of all things Steve, I did really like the movie and I liked it better than the Princess one.

    This King Arthuresque Knights of the Round Table style movie was shot with jousting violence, medieval fighting action and period realism but no blood is ever seen. Hence it has a comic strip feel which has been adapted from and also blended into the film. The movie is suitable for family watching, it’s clean except for the fight scenes and some implied sexuality in a harem setting which the little ones won’t understand. It’s fantasy fun with many fight scenes, Steve must have had such fun filming all the sword/fight scenes, and no gore graphic. Yes much of the plot is predictable but that will happen if you delve into anything Knights and King Arthur.

    Stephen and Catherine Heigel, the leads, do a superb job as do all the supporting cast. The movie was done in 1997, Steve was only 27 at the time and such a cutie but already a fine actor. Big recommend.

  2. YES, both Prince Valiant and The Caller were great movies. I have seen them both. also received my DVD of “Free Ride” today that I won on so excited to watch it! for the rest of my life i will think of Stephen Moyer’s blue blue eyes when ever the color comes up. his are the bluest in the world and mesmerizing. no matter what movie he’s in!

  3. So it was him!! I wasnt able to remember that he was prince valiant after watching six series of TrueBlood. :D

  4. I loved it! He was so cute and funny. Catherine Heigl has kissed so many hot leading men, it’s not fair.

  5. Wow look like a good film. I love too see, Stephen Moyer played Prince Valiant in the 1997 film version of the story. I think the film is very interesting and amazing U0001f339U0001f339U0001f339U0001f33aU0001f33aU0001f33a

  6. Omg so what yur sayimg is that he’s 46 right now dam he still looks so good must be his young wife rubbing off on him lol

  7. I’m pretty sure his look in TBX will be more gritty, a la Game of Thrones or Outlander, rather than romantically handsome as he was in Prince Valiant. No matter…I’ll take him any way I can get him.

  8. I just love seeing this sexy man in anything he plays in he truely is a good actor and one of my favorite vampires

  9. He’ll be scruffier and grayer than Bill Compton, but in a super hot Moyer-esque sort of way. U0001f60e

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