Release dates: UK – March 6, 1996
Official site: n.a.
Director: Guy Jenkin
Writer: Guy Jenkin
Genre: Comedy
Film Locations: UK
Plot Summary: In Lords of Misrule, writer/director Guy Jenkin successfully synthesizes a variety of English social, political and cultural themes in this 1996 British TV film.

The end product is somewhat like a sophisticated Brian Rix farce. No one loses their pants, but this is a delightful way to pass a couple of hours. It is a well written, well acted, typically English comedy, which won a comedic award for Hat Trick Productions.The cast is impressive. James Fleet (Vicar of Dibley) plays a smooth-talking Tory Prime Minister who eerily resembles Tony Blair — Fleet’s NHS TV ad is particularly well done. Richard Wilson (One Foot in the Grave) is excellent as the cranky family patriarch and disaffected ex-Lord Chancellor who has the ability to topple a large part of the English establishment.

Prunella Scales (Fawlty Towers) plays the Government’s Minister of Fisheries who is sent to make Wison’s character, Bill Webster, see some sense. Angus Deayton plays a delightful cameo as the head of MI5, swinging golf balls at Japanese tourists on the Thames. Martin Clunes (Men Behaving Badly) briefly appears as the Minister of Defense and there’s a surprise appearance by old Labour stalwart Dennis Healey.

Stephen Moyer plays a reporter who is romancing the girl, but has ulterior motives.It has a fantastic setting as well (around Fowey in Cornwall).

  • Rosemary Martin … Janie
  • Emily Mortimer … Emma
  • Jeff Rawle … Derek
  • Patricia Hayes … Ethyl
  • Richard Wilson … Bill Webster
  • Clive Russell … Arthur
  • Brian Bovell … Tim
  • Jimmy Gardner … Dad
  • Andrew Barrow … London policeman
  • Stephen Moyer … Olly
  • Lisa Palfrey … Dr. Amy Clarke
  • Andy Hamilton … Editor
  • Rachel Smith … Secretary
  • James Fleet … Prime Minister
  • Helena McCarthy … Old lady
  • Briony Glassco … Director
  • Prunella Scales … Shirley
  • Martin Clunes … Minister of Defence
  • Laura Davenport … MI5 woman
  • Angus Deayton … MI5 man
  • Mark Spalding … Thug
  • Andy Linden … Thug
  • William Hoyland … Peter Webster
  • William Arnold … Boy with bike
  • Mark Benton … Antler Man
  • Lord Healey … Himself
  • Rob Brydon … Cornish Policeman
  • Pete Sullivan¹ … Dr. Glanville
  • Dan Evans … Cornish Sailor
  • Jimmy Mulville … producer
  • Denise O’Donoghue … executive producer
  • David M. Thompson … executive producer
Original Music: Matthew Scott
Cinematography: Rex Maidment
Editor: Roy Sharman
Casting: Sarah Trevis
Production Design: n.a.
Art Direction: n.a.
Set Decoration: n.a.
Visual Effects: v.a.
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