Release dates: 19 April 1999 (Season 1, Episode 18)
Official site: n.a.
  • Brian Grant (2 episodes, 1999)
  • Dennis Berry (unknown episodes)
Writer: James Thorpe Writer
Genre: Action/Adventure
Film Locations: n.a.
Plot Summary: Highlander: The Raven was a series that took one of the characters in the previous live-action series, Amanda (Elizabeth Gracen), as its central character. She was accompanied by former police officer Nick Wolfe (Paul Johansson).The first episode was aired on November 7, 1998. The series lasted from 1998-1999. it was cancelled after the marketing of syndicated shows was changing in the late 1990’s.In this episode, Nick and Amanda are working security for a casino when it’s robbed by Immortal Jeremy Dexter, (Stephen Moyer) an old acquaintance of Amanda’s. This sparks an argument between her and Wolf since he wants to arrest Dexter while she wants to help him get out of town safely. Things are complicated by the introduction of Interpol inspector Nicolae Breslaw, who is obsessed with the gang due to his late brother’s involvement with gambling. Wolf eventually agrees to help Amanda get Dex safely out of town by faking his death in front of the inspector.
  • Paul Johansson … Nick Wolfe
  • Edwin Apps … Chancellor
  • Peggy Frankston … Queen Mary
  • Elizabeth Gracen … Amanda Darieux/Amanda Montrose
  • Stephen Moyer … Jeremy Dexter
  • Pierre Rousselle … Jurgen
  • Jan Triska … Nicolae Breslaw
Producer: n.a.
Original Music:
  • Hal Beckett … music editor- additional music
  • Jeff Pfeifer … composer: theme music
  • Rob Pfeifer … composer: theme music
  • John Berrie
  • Arthur Cloquet
  • Jane Morrison
  • Donald Paonessa
  • Sylvie Brocheré … casting:
  • ParisCarol L. Dudley … casting:
  • LondonAric Dupere … extras casting assistant
  • Donna Dupere … extras casting
  • Annette Trumel … extras casting
Production Design: Alexandre Déon … production manager
Art Direction: Anastasia Masaro … assistant art director
Set Decoration: n.a.
Visual Effects:
  • Tom Archer … digital compositing artist
  • Rosano Lepri … digital compositing artist
  • Stephen Pepper … digital compositing artist
Below is a video of the series intro.

And, the following video show’s Stephen in the episode.

Please note: Stephen Moyer was in episode 18 of Season 1

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