Release dates:

  • France – March 30, 2004 (Paris Film Festival)
  • USA – March 18, 2005 (Cleveland International Film Festival)
  • Ludi Boeken
  • Michael A. Lerner
Writer: Michael A. Lerner
Genre: Action/Thriller
Film Locations: n.a.
Plot Summary: Set during the Beirut war in 1983, “Deadlines” tracks a rookiewar correspondent and the trouble he starts by the stories he writes. Co-directed by two experienced journalists, former Newsweek correspondent Michael Alan Lerner and Dutch TV’s Ludi Boeken (director of “Britney Baby-One More Time”), the film realistically portrays the competitive/clubby relationships among war reporters and the adrenaline surge of chasing each new tragedy.Alex Randall (Stephen Moyer) is the naive reporter, who gets his foot in Beirut by cold-bloodedly stealing a friend’s job. He is sent to cover a hot story minutes after he arrives: a suicide bombing at the American naval base, with 241 Marines dead.A bigger tip, however, comes from attractive French photographer Julia Muller (Anne Parillaud), a fearless veteran who scampers agilely with him through exploding missiles, armed patrols and sniper fire. She puts him on the scent of the Israeli secret services, and he eagerly rises to the bait. His story becomes a major scoop that catapults him to the top of Beirut’s reporting pack; unfortunately, it turns out to be wrong. Realizing he’s been duped (by Julia, among others) and feeling guilty over the innocent lives lost on account of his incendiary piece, he sets to work exposing the powerful but corrupt head of the Lebanese Christians — who happens to be Julia’s ex.Mini-review:  This is one of the most watchable films Stephen did prior to True Blood.  He plays the part really well; we highly recommend it.
  • Stephen Moyer … Alex Randal
  • Anne Parillaud … Julia Muller
  • Omid Djalili … Abdul Sayyaf
  • Georges Siatidis … Yann Meschen
  • Ibrahim Zarrouk … Ali
  • Larry Lamb … Paul Baker
  • Lotfi Dziri … Rahman
  • Karl Makinen … United Press journalist
  • Des McAleer … Jim Prager
  • Bobby Büchler … Mike Kennerly
  • David Cohen … Reuters journalist
  • Taoufik Behi … Michel Feyrouz
  • Gautam Ramnath … Sergent Coleman
  • Yadh Beji … Fouad
  • Nourredine Chaouch … Maksoud
  • David Rose … Tom Watson
  • Patrick Chauvel … Time Magazine journalist
  • Ludi Boeken … New York Times Magazine journalist
  • Ned O’Brien … Associated Press journalist
  • Chris Smoak … Washington Post journalist
  • Sofiane Chaari … Miami Herald journalist
  • Michael A. Lerner … Newsweek journalist
  • Haddad Bouallegue … OLP leader
Producer: Keith Evans … executive producer
Original Music: Justin Adams
Cinematography: Ivan Strasburg
Editor: Suzanne Fenn
  • Jean Arousse,
  • Nick Cohen,
  • Salem Daldoul,
  • Mia Levinson
Production Design: n.a.
Art Direction: n.a.
Set Decoration: n.a.
Visual Effects: n.a.

We’re hoping someday to have US clips soon for this film. In the meantime, here is 1 video available providing a scene from this film:


Scene from the film

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