Release dates: September 30, 2006
Official site: n.a.
Director: Shani Greval
Writer: Robin Mukherjee
Genre: television drama
Film Locations: London
Plot Summary: This show is similar in feel to that of the US’s “ER” and focuses on a hospital and its workers. Stephen Moyer guest stars in the episode called “Waste of Space” as Dr. Mark Ellis, a general practitioner who is devoted to his patients. One of his patients is dying and shortly after Dr. Ellis leaves her home, she is rushed to the hospital. Somehow, she has taken a lethal dose of heroin on top of her other woes.  The family members are suspected. A police officer, Martin, is brought in after being attacked. Maggie can’t find anything medically wrong with him but Tess realizes he is suffering anxiety attacks over his job. It’s a good thing that he is there because in the end he arrests the one who gave the sick woman the overdose.
  • Simon MacCorkindale … Harry Harper
  • Jane Hazlegrove … Kathleen ‘Dixie’ Dixon
  • Joanne King … Cynthia ‘Cyd’ Pyke
  • Elizabeth Carling … Selena Donovan
  • Ben Price … Nathan Spencer
  • Suzanne Packer … Tess Bateman
  • Susan Cookson … Maggie Coldwell
  • Janine Mellor … Kelsey Phillips
  • Georgina Bouzova … Ellen Zitek
  • Luke Bailey … Sam Bateman
  • Sam Grey … Alice Chantrey
  • Kip Gamblin … Greg Fallon
  • Stephen Moyer … Dr. Mark Ellis
  • Steve Garti … Brian Sheppey
  • Stephanie Dooley … Sheena Sheppey
  • Andrew Turner … Sean Sheppey
  • Joanna Phillips-Lane … Jane Welsley
  • Tony Caunter … Tom Stopes
  • Helen Cotterill … Felicity Stopes
  • Louise Kempton … Jackie Stopes
  • Robyn Kerr … Kayla Carson
  • Mike Goodall … Registration Officer
  • Andrew McNair … DCI Andrew Benson
  • Stephen Burrell … DCI Martin Worthington
Producer: Mervyn Watson … executive producer
Original Music:
  • Beachill¹ … theme remix producer (2001-)
  • Wix¹ … theme remix producer (2001-)
Cinematography: Peter Chapman
Editor: Andrew Wilde (2004-)
Casting: Katrina Collins
Production Design: Gary Brown (2004-)
Art Direction: Owain Williams (2004-)
Set Decoration: n.a.
Visual Effects: n.a.
Below are videos of Stephen’s scenes in the episode:

Part 1

Part 2

Thanks to Parise for the videos of Casualty.

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  1. Thanks, Lynn, for adding to Stephen’s filmography, and to Parise, for the vid that enabled Lynn to make so many wonderful caps.

    The banner is beautiful. A terrific addition to Stephen’s list of projects.

  2. More SM gold! Thanks Lynn and Parise. I checked out all the great caps but will we be able to see the video at some point? Thanks.

  3. man, it’s amazing how you guys are digging up all this stuff. I enjoy watching them because it displays how far Stephen has come with regards to his technique and maturity with his acting

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