This film is a dramatization of the story around the discovery of how playing Football can cause concussions. The film looks at how American football players suffer from major head injuries and life-long debilitating problems as a result of repeated concussions and efforts by the National Football League to deny it.




Release dates: December 25, 2015
Official site: n.a.
Frontline: League of Denial” The Frontline documentary which tells you all about the issue with American Football.
Director: Peter Landesman
Writer: Peter Landesman and Jeanne Marie Laskas (also wrote the magazine article on which the screenplay is based)
Genre: Drama
Film Locations: Pittsburgh, PA
Plot Summary:

A look at how American football players suffer from major head injuries and life-long debilitating problems as a result of repeated concussions and efforts by the National Football League to deny it.The movie is based on the October 2009 GQ article “Game Brain” by Jeanne Marie Laskas, who teaches writing at University of Pittsburgh. It teased the lengthy, detailed story this way: “Let’s say you run a multibillion-dollar football league. And let’s say the scientific community — starting with one young pathologist in Pittsburgh and growing into a chorus of neuroscientists across the country — comes to you and says concussions are making your players crazy, crazy enough to kill themselves, and here, in these slices of brain tissue, is the proof. Do you join these scientists and try to solve the problem, or do you use your power to discredit them?”

Onetime investigative journalist Peter Landesman, who adapted “Kill the Messenger” starring Jeremy Renner as a reporter who was unfairly discredited and who also adapted and directed “Parkland” set in the wake of JFK’s assassination, is directing his screenplay based on the magazine piece.

Dr. Omalu, who worked for former Allegheny County Coroner Dr. Cyril H. Wecht, earned scorn from some NFL corners and national publicity with studies on the brain tissue of Mr. Webster and former Steelers lineman Terry Long and ex-Philadelphia Eagles safety Andre Waters — the latter two who died of suicide.

Born in Nigeria, living in Pittsburgh at the time of his groundbreaking work and now based in California, Dr. Omalu has written two books, “Play Hard, Die Young: Football Dementia, Depression and Death” along with “A Historical Foundation of CTE in Football Players: Before the NFL, There Was CTE.

  • Will Smith … Dr. Omalu
  • Stephen Moyer … Dr Ronald Hamilton
  • Alec Baldwin … Dr. Julian Bailes
  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw …Prema Mutiso
  • Bitsie Tulloch … Keana Strzelczyk
  • Albert Brooks … Dr. Cyril Wecht
  • Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje … Dave Duerson
  • Luke Wilson … Roger Goodell (rumored)
  • David Morse … Mike Webster
  • Eddie Marsan …
  • Arliss Howard … Dr. Joseph Maroon
  • Paul Reiser … Dr. Elliot Pellman
  • Richard T. Jones … Andre Waters
  • Mike O’Malley … Daniel Sullivan
  • Hill Harper … Christopher Jones
Producer: Scott Free Productions – David Crockett, Michael Schaefer, Ridley Scott, Elizabeth Cantillon, Giannina Facio, Larry Shuman, David Wolthoff
Original Music: n.a.
Cinematography: Salvatore Totino
Editor: William Goldenberg
Casting: indsay Graham | Mary Vernieu
Production Design: David Crank
Art Direction: Tom Frohling
Set Decoration: James V. Kent
Visual Effects Jamie Dixon


The first Trailer

See Stephen Moyer in this video:

AFI Premiere in Hollywood, the film’s makers talk about the importance of the film (sorry, no Stephen Moyer in this one)


In an exclusive interview with Shadaliza, Stephen Moyer discusses his film, “Concussion.”

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