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True Blood Season 6 Poster - The Battle Begins

True Blood Season 6 Poster - The Battle BeginsIt looks like we will again have a shortened season of our favorite show, True Blood.  According to TVGuide, via showrunner, Brian Buckner, Season 7 will have ten episodes, and probably won’t have a time jump like it did during Season 6, that is unless its the last season. Notice they also mention Sam’s pending new arrival.

Below is the short piece they provided:

I know it’s early, but do you have any scoop on True Blood? — Brandon
Just because the show jumped ahead six months in the finale, don’t expect to see Sam’s hybrid baby in the flesh next season. Executive producer Brian Buckner explains: “Our 10 episodes [usually] take place over the course of two weeks,” which, even on TV, isn’t enough time to hatch a hybrid. But he stresses that if this is deemed to be the final season, things may unfold a little more rapidly.

I am not happy about only getting ten episodes next year, especially if it ends up being the last season. What do you think? Tell us in the comments below.



  1. I didn’t like the “6 months later” approach. As much as I have LOVED every minute of True Blood, I also don’t want it to fizzle out and end poorly. Can’t wait to see what’s in-store for us!

  2. I would prefer 12 episodes…especially if it ends up being the final season! I’ll be okay with 10 episodes if we get a season 8!

  3. I’m disappointed in the 10-episode decision.  I was hoping the show would go back to 12.  Those extra two episodes make for more complete storytelling.  I see that a decision has not been made about #7 being the last season.  If it is, I would hope we’d get 12 episodes.  Probably that’s a vain hope.

  4. For me, Season Six had that feel good aura that Season One has.  I thoroughly enjoyed Season Six right up until the “Six Months Later”.  Actually , there were a few things that took place prior to the time jump that I did not like with one being the “instant” love relationship between Sam and the young woman old enough to be his daughter, and now she is knocked up. Another turn-off was that no funeral or memorial took place for Andy’s three dead daughters and naming the fourth daughter with such a ridiculous name was totally stupid and cheesy. I realize that TB has always had some tongue-in-cheek moments and dialogue however, some of the antics in Season Six were a bit much. Every time something ridiculous took place in S6 I feared that we fans were going to be catapulted back into the wretchedness of Season Five which was about as bad as bad could be. I’ve been a loyal fan from the inception of this show but I must say that there have been a few seasons that I’ve had to hold tight and keep the faith due to the stupid scripts and non-credible scenarios. You writers could have done so much better and we fans deserve much better. Godric only knows, you have a group of most talented and dedicated actors that can bring believability to a script ,so please do better for the show’s millions of fans.

  5. I don’t believe “Godric” knows much of anything. ha ha. I am very very happy with this series as a whole and I am a Truebie to the end. I like Brian Buckner’s approach and loved s6. I await s7 with great anticipation and if we get ten episodes it’s better than no episodes. jimo
    I do hope Alexander Woo writes more this season. He’s my favorite writer that’s left. Here’s to hoping they renew for more seasons after 7…..keeping my fingers crossed!

    1. I really hope this isn’t the last season.
      The final season absolutely should be 12 episodes with a 2 hour finale. I also want a live chat with the cast afterwards.

  6. Considering the great ratings I do not understand having only 10 epsiodes. Why give the fans less of what they want and pay for. It will be even more disappointing if this is the last season. I highly doubt consideration for Anna had anything to do with shortening season 6.

  7. 10 episodes is now the norm for HBO. I wasn’t expecting them to go back to 12. I’d prefer 12, of course, but I think those days are over.

  8. Mr. Buckner did an outstanding job, taking over in the midst of the season, dealing with only 10 episodes, and being charged with tightening and whittling down the story lines.  The character of Warlow may have been short-changed a bit, but overall the season was tighter, more concise, and more coherent.  
    I think he has proven himself able to deliver a popular and engaging season in just 10 episodes, and that’s what HBO wants for their summer series.
    I am so glad to have a S7, and know there’s still the possibility for a S8.  If they decide this is the last season, however, the finale should be two hours.

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